Why I Photograph

This whole blog started out as an idea to talk and share more of my photography, because I had changed it from a career path to solely a hobby. And I still greatly love and appreciate the beauty and art of photography, even though I don’t spend as much time behind a camera anymore. But…

Why I Want Millennials To Be Their Own Voice

It’s way too common to see posts and articles out there about millennials, but usually not written by millennials. For some reason, people believe that what past generations say about us seems to be the truth. Well I am calling bullshit, and I am fighting it with my new project.

Why I Am Starting Self-Love

I write about “self” quite often, self care, self reflection, self esteem, etc. But what about self love? To me, it’s the over encompassing idea of all of the different things I write about, and I realized I need to be doing it more.

Why I Am Staying Inside The Lines

The craze over coloring for adults has taken over, with some strange looks and curious glances. The idea is that it can be a stress reliever and can hep clear your mind. To be honest, it really does work, and I have had a book I’ve been using to help with stress and anxiety. So,…

Why I Use Community For Self Care

Usually “self” and “community” don’t exactly go together. However, when it comes to self care, having a community of support that understands the importance of self care and is willing to listen and help you makes the whole process more worthwhile. There is a particular community that comes to mind when discussing this topic.

Why I Am Fascinated By Gender Swapping pt. 2

A couple months ago, I wrote my reaction to the publishing of a gender swapped Twilight. The idea is interesting, but I didn’t think Twilight could do it. So when I found Prejudice and Pride, I was interested, but skeptical at how a Jane Austen classic would turn out with a gender swap.

Why All You Need Is 30 Days

Did you know that it only takes 30 days to make an idea into a habit? In fact, it is how this blog started.

Why I Am A Daddy’s Girl

For some reason, Daddy’s Girl has a pretty negative connotation, probably because it is stereotyped as being spoiled girls who get anything and everything fro their dads, usually rich ones. Well that’s not what I am talking about when I say I am a Daddy’s Girl.

Why I Am Fascinated By Gender Swapping

Recently, Stephenie Meyer published her re-imagining of Twilight, where the major characters have all been gender swapped. According to many, the book is bizarre and almost unsettling because it is literally Twilight with a male Bella and female Jacob and Edward.  But why would this fascinate me so much?

Why I Want To Keep School Safe

It is all over the Internet: Umpqua Community College in Oregon. I don’t need to go into much detail, because this isn’t the first incident of it’s kind in this year alone. I had one happen not far from me at a community college with friends as students there. And, to be honest, I’ve hit…

Why I Am Sex Positive

I am pretty sure that when people see the phrase “Sex Positivity” they think it means having a lot of sex, which is not the case. Simply put, sex positivity is the belief that sex, as long as it is HEALTHY and CONSENSUAL, is a positive activity. And just like feminism, the amount you believe in…

Why I Am Unstoppable

Always started their #LikeAGirl campaign at the Super Bowl, and now they are showing us why girls are unstoppable.