Why I Am Fascinated By Gender Swapping pt. 2

A couple months ago, I wrote my reaction to the publishing of a gender swapped Twilight. The idea is interesting, but I didn’t think Twilight could do it. So when I found Prejudice and Pride, I was interested, but skeptical at how a Jane Austen classic would turn out with a gender swap. Advertisements

Why I Am Fascinated By Gender Swapping

Recently, Stephenie Meyer published her re-imagining of Twilight, where the major characters have all been gender swapped. According to many, the book is bizarre and almost unsettling because it is literally Twilight with a male Bella and female Jacob and Edward.  But why would this fascinate me so much?

What Harry Potter Taught Me About Life

I grew up with the Harry Potter series, with full audio of the books on cassette tapes (yeah I’m kinda old) and the hardcover versions of each book fresh off the printer and into my hands. I cried, laughed, and connected with the characters and the story. It can be said I am a diehard…

Why I Dislike The 1 Book 2 Movie Trend

Ever since Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, book splicing to make a two movie ending has become the popular trend for literary films in Hollywood. And I don’t like it.

What Hermione Taught Me About Being A Woman

Although the last booked published in 2007 and the final movie came out in 2011, Harry Potter is still influencing youth around the globe and has an ever-growing fandom. Hermione Granger has had a huge impact on my life, by being the leading lady of one of my favorite series. Below is what she taught…

What Eleanor and Park Taught Me About Life

Warning: Possible spoilers, although I have tried my best to avoid spoiling anything too important or plot twisty. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell is the latest book to be added to my finished shelf, and I have to say, I adored it. And as with everything I read, watch, and listen to, I’ve learned…

What Looking for Alaska Taught Me About Life

Caution: There may be some small spoilers if you haven’t read the book, so go read the book to avoid said spoils. My current (and probably all time) favorite book is Looking for Alaska by John Green. It’s a thought-provoking and outstanding piece of literature, and I learned some things about life that you don’t…

The Books That Everyone Should Read

With the holiday season meaning a long break from school for me, I like to take advantage of the time to read books for the pure pleasure of it. But a certain category of books stand out as more interesting to me.

5 Creative Gifts for Book Lover’s

If you have a book lover in your life, you know how hard they are to shop for, especially for the holidays. When you ask for their Christmas list, it’s always full of books, if they even took their eyes away from their readings long enough to make a list. So what do you do…