Misconceptions of Feminism

Feminism probably had the most misconceptions out of all of the things I have covered. There are some big one’s that need to be corrected right now, and here they are. Advertisements

Misconceptions of Body Positivity

Body positivity comes with so many myths and misconceptions by people. Whether it is just misunderstanding or blatant hate of the concept, I’ll never know. But, I will shed some light on the truth behind body positivity.

Misconceptions of Introverts

I am a proud introvert, and I have come to find that many people misunderstand us and create myths. Well I am here to bust some of these myths.

Misconceptions of a Special Major

For those who may not know, I am pursuing a special major, which means that I created my own degree program with the help of the different departments involved. Sounds great right? Well, there are many misconceptions that come with pursuing a DIY degree.

7 Misconceptions About College

College is a symbol of change for many people and comes with a great deal of expectations for one’s experience there. But some of these expectations are also misconceptions about what actually happens in college. From movies to music to word of mouth, the expectations of college have been twisted and morphed into misconstrued pieces…

4 Misconceptions of Small Towns

If you didn’t grow up in a city or a suburb than you’re probably from a small town. I am certainly a small town girl at heart, being born and raised in the same town with a population that is smaller than the amount of students who attend my university. However, if you didn’t grow…