4 Millennial Stereotypes Decoded

Millennials face constant stereotyping, with it mostly negative. Every time I blink a new article about millennial stereotypes pops up in my feed. I decided to find the most common stereotypes and decode them to be more like reality. Advertisements

How To Keep Learning Without Grad School

When getting close to graduating from college, the whirlwind of “what are you doing when you graduate?” type questions begin to surround you. With a little over 4 months left for myself, I have firmly decided that I am not pursuing grad school, either immediately or at all. But I don’t want to stop learning,…

22 Lessons I Have Learned By 22

It’s official I’m another year older. I turned 22 yesterday, and really, it doesn’t feel any different, just a lot more Taylor Swift references. But, I can say that in my 22 years I have learned many valuable lessons I would like to share.

Why I Want Millennials To Be Their Own Voice

It’s way too common to see posts and articles out there about millennials, but usually not written by millennials. For some reason, people believe that what past generations say about us seems to be the truth. Well I am calling bullshit, and I am fighting it with my new project.

How To Figure Out Your Post Grad Life

The scariest part of college is graduating and what happens after, mostly because it is unknown and the “real world”. The sooner you start planning, the more secure you will hopefully feel. So this is how you prepare for your post grad life.

Let’s Talk About The Quarter Life Crisis

For those who do not know, the quarter life crisis is when twenty somethings (usual after graduating college or turning 25) feel lost in life, whether it is in career, friendships, relationships, or all. It is the feeling that there is so much you could be doing, but you have no idea how or are…

What Daria Taught Me About Being 20

For those of you who do not know, Daria is an MTV spin-off of Beavis and Butthead that aired from 1997 to 2002 originally. It is also my number one favorite show ever. Although it aired when I was merely I child, I remember watching the brief reruns as a preteen. It taught me a…

How To Maintain A Long Distance Friendship

When you are separated from a friend, it becomes very difficult to deal with. It puts a strain on the friendship that nothing else could accomplish as well. But, it is entirely possible to keep a friendship going from a far. I know because I am doing it.

4 Reasons To Explore Where You Live

I know I am not the first person to say that you should explore your hometown/ city you live in. However, I am not doing it with the intention of cheap date ideas as many others have used. Instead, these are the reasons you should explore your city of residence.