How To Cope With Mental Illness

For Mental Illness Awareness Week, I’ve been posting on Twitter different resources for learning about mental illness and getting a diagnosis, but I have yet to talk about how to cope if you have an actual illness. Advertisements

Self Care vs. Treat Yourself

I see self care and treat yourself used synonymously all of the time, but when you really get into, they are definitely not the same thing. Let me explain.

How To Be A Success With Mental Illness

Thanks to the awful stigma surrounding mental illness, a conjunction between having an illness and being a failure was formed. Of course, that is no where near the truth, but with stigma, many take it as truth, both the afflicted and non-afflicted. Not only am I telling you that people with mental illness are not…

How To Better Understand Mental Illness Without The Statistics

Research and numbers are important and all, but they take out one major piece of the puzzle for understanding mental illness: the human. We never asked to be a statistic, so don’t remove us from the education and conversation. To best understand mental illness, especially beyond the statistics, is to understanding the human side of…

What Not To Say To Someone With Mental Illness (Part 2)

I wrote a post a while ago that focused on what not to say to someone with anxiety, and that post real encompassed things to not say to anyone with a mental illness. And it certainly didn’t cover everything, because there are many, many things that are said to us mentally ill individuals that should…

How To Be A Mental Health Advocate

I have been asked a few times through Twitter and emails what it takes to become an advocate for mental health. I am an advocate for mental health and the elimination of stigma against mental illness, so of course I am willing to share my insight on how to become one.

Stress vs. Anxiety

I have often seen people use stress and anxiety as if they are the same, when they are definitely not. It’s actually really annoying, being a person with anxiety, to have them used as synonyms, when the feelings are totally different. So in an effort to hopefully clarify, here are the differences

How To Be More Empathetic

Empathy vs. sympathy: a long running debate and many misunderstandings between which is which. Sympathy is often a default, in my opinion, versus empathy being a much more difficult and active choice, and overall a better one. But how can you be more empathetic?

How To Do Everyday Self Care

I feel like self care is often conceived as a large, day long affair and that you have to take time off to do it. However, we can’t all take time off to do luscious forms of self care, nut there is a way to do it everyday without taking away all of your time.

How To Recover From Burnout

We’ve all been there: pushing ourselves, working hard to get the job done, and not really thinking about ourselves until after the fact. Yeah, we’ve all been burned out at least once. And when we get there, we don’t usually know what to do to take care of ourselves right away. I, being a person…

How To Fight Mental Health Stigma

I am not a stranger to the topic of mental health, but one piece I haven’t really touched on is the stigma that is greatly associated with it. They practically go hand in hand unfortunately. Whether or not you have a mental health issue or not does not affect your ability to fight against stigma.

How To Manage Anxiety In College

College is a stressful time for people, but also super fun and educational. But, college can be even more stressful and difficult when you have anxiety (or any mental health issue for that matter).