Misconceptions of Feminism

Feminism probably had the most misconceptions out of all of the things I have covered. There are some big one’s that need to be corrected right now, and here they are. Advertisements

Misconceptions of Body Positivity

Body positivity comes with so many myths and misconceptions by people. Whether it is just misunderstanding or blatant hate of the concept, I’ll never know. But, I will shed some light on the truth behind body positivity.

The Best Feminist Halloween Costumes

It’s time to start planning your Halloween costume, and it’s a great moment to take advantage of the time to dress up to flaunt your feminism in your costume. But what would be the best feminist costumes? I’m here to tell you what some of the greatest costumes are.

Why I Am Fascinated By Gender Swapping

Recently, Stephenie Meyer published her re-imagining of Twilight, where the major characters have all been gender swapped. According to many, the book is bizarre and almost unsettling because it is literally Twilight with a male Bella and female Jacob and Edward.  But why would this fascinate me so much?

How To Do Everyday Feminism

Feminism should not be reserved for huge events and crisis. Everyday feminism is the idea that, by doing little things daily, you incorporate feminism into your life 24/7. But how exactly is this done?

Is Historically Accurate Considered Racist?

With the release of Taylor Swift’s video for Wildest Dreams, many have voiced strong opinions about the lack of diversity in the Africa-set video. However, the video is based on 1930’s-1940’s Hollywood, where racial equality was even less of a custom than it is now. So, this is the question at hand, is being historically…

How To Be Body Positive

Body positivity has come to the front of a lot of the news I see online, and an inspiring feminist campaign. But being body positive is much more than saying you love your body, so here is how to join the body positive movement.

Why I Am Sex Positive

I am pretty sure that when people see the phrase “Sex Positivity” they think it means having a lot of sex, which is not the case. Simply put, sex positivity is the belief that sex, as long as it is HEALTHY and CONSENSUAL, is a positive activity. And just like feminism, the amount you believe in…

What is StemBox?

StemBox is a monthly subscription box that makes science accessible to girls everywhere, and you can help make it happen.

What is Comprehensive Sex Ed?

We all laughed at this scene from Mean Girls, but it’s more than just comedy. It’s how sex ed is taught in classrooms all over the country.

Why I Am Unstoppable

Always started their #LikeAGirl campaign at the Super Bowl, and now they are showing us why girls are unstoppable.