How To Start Loving Your Body After Hating It

Society tells us our bodies are wrong and imperfect constantly, and we believe them. Especially when we are young, we are plagued with body issues and lack love in our own bodies. I know that I have hated my body, especially as a teenager, and it’s taken me so long to start to love it….

Misconceptions of Body Positivity

Body positivity comes with so many myths and misconceptions by people. Whether it is just misunderstanding or blatant hate of the concept, I’ll never know. But, I will shed some light on the truth behind body positivity.

How To Practice Everyday Body Positivity

¬†Body positivity that is a topic that has generated a lot of attention online. Most of the things I’ve seen are about the beliefs and values behind body positivity, but how can someone embodied those values and beliefs everyday? Well, that is where this post comes in.

How To Be Body Positive

Body positivity has come to the front of a lot of the news I see online, and an inspiring feminist campaign. But being body positive is much more than saying you love your body, so here is how to join the body positive movement.

Why I Am Proud Of My Body

For many young women, body image is a scary subject. Throughout a woman’s life, her body will be judged and objectified and she will see what her culture and media thinks what the perfect body should be like. Body image and self-esteem are related and one highly effects the other. With all of this going…