Artist Spotlight: Everywhere

Press pic 2.jpg

Everywhere is an Alt Rock group from the UK that recently released their second EP Fiction Act, which I had the opportunity to listen to.

The group was founded by lead singer Max Berga in 2012, when his bedroom demos earned him the chance to record his music in Los Angeles. The groups first single was released in 2013 as well as their first EP. Their second EP, Fiction Act, released in 2016.


The EP has 4 tracks, Shades At Night, Heroine, Some Other Dude, and Let It Go. All of their songs have the indie, alt rock vibe like that of The Killer’s or Imagine Dragons. Definitely a group to look out for if that’s your kind of music.

My favorite song is Some Other Dude, because of it’s upbeat, dance vibe that contrasts the other tracks on the EP.

If you want to have a listen to Everywhere’s music, find them on Spotify or Google Play.



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