How To Be A Human Being Review


Last time I wrote about Glass Animals, it was an artist spotlight when I first found them. Since then they released a new album entitled How To Be A Human Being that I wanted to review.

Instinctually, I compared it to their early album Zaba. Certainly  they’re quirky electronic sound moved over, but the new album certainly holds its own and has it’s own harmonic vibe.

Image result for glass animals life itself

Life Itself was the first single to release, and it definitely stood out from the older music because of it’s upbeat tempo and energy. I can’t help but move to the song when it’s on.

Other highlight songs for me are Pork Soda, Youth, and Poplar St. They add variety while staying with the overall mood and vibe of the album. The album as a whole is very cohesive with it’s sound and feeling.

One song that I am OBSESSED with is Agnes. It’s the last track on the regular album and rounds out the whole album, as well as being a strong song on it’s own. It’s a slower song that brings back the chill vibe I loved from the first album but is still united with the album as a whole.

What new album has caught your attention? Let me know with a comment.


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  1. Pam says:

    I just realized that I haven’t bought a new album in a long time so I can’t really answer your question very well! I think I need to look for a new group to listen to. 🙂


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