How To Cope With Mental Illness

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For Mental Illness Awareness Week, I’ve been posting on Twitter different resources for learning about mental illness and getting a diagnosis, but I have yet to talk about how to cope if you have an actual illness.

Be Mindful

When learning to cope with your mental illness, you need be mindful of what it does to you, your reactions, your triggers, etc. When you are mindful of what the illness does to you, you can learn how to cope with it easier.

Practice Self Care

SELF CARE!!! If you read my self care vs. treat yourself post, you know the distinction. Self care is key to coping with mental illness. Many times it is what keeps you alive and functioning on the roughest days.

Seek Help

The one thing I regret not doing sooner is getting help, particularly professional help. It is beneficial and worthwhile when you find the right people to help, and if you start to feel like you’re going out of control, get help. There are SO MANY resources to help you find help, please, please use them. NAMI is an excellent start.

Stay connected with Mental Illness Awareness Week by using #MIAW on Twitter.


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  1. Michelle,
    A friend of mine is suffering from mental illness. Seems to be significantly worse when he lacks sleep. You mentioned self-care. Do you know how much adequate sleeps helps?



    1. It really depends on the person. I tend to need to sleep closer to 10 hours in order to feel normal, which always seems like a lot to others.


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