22 Lessons I Have Learned By 22


It’s official I’m another year older. I turned 22 yesterday, and really, it doesn’t feel any different, just a lot more Taylor Swift references. But, I can say that in my 22 years I have learned many valuable lessons I would like to share.

  1. Your greatest weakness can also be your greatest strength
  2. Happiness is the most important part of life
  3. Negative energy has no right to stay in your life
  4. You control yourself, no one has the right to make you do anything
  5. Fear is temporary
  6. Change is a choice, and so is staying static
  7. It’s okay to be sad, but don’t unpack and live there
  8. Failing doesn’t make you a failure
  9. Life has surprises that you will never be able to plan for
  10. Do what’s best
  11. We need bad days to appreciate the best days
  12. There is nothing a little bit of chocolate can’t help fix
  13. Don’t leave before you leave
  14. Always thank the people who have made your life better
  15. My body, my rules
  16. Being creative is the best therapy
  17. Living online is hard, but beautiful
  18. Comparison is a waste of energy
  19. Empathy is a characteristic we should all master
  20. The person you should know the best is yourself
  21. Trust your gut
  22. It’s okay to look back, if you keep moving forward

Want to learn more about my lessons? Leave a comment and I will let you know more!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. You are wise for your years! Some don’t learn these lessons until 62!


  2. jennyblaisdell says:

    Love this post! These are all such great lessons.


  3. Amazing post, I agree that your greatest weaknesses can be your greatest strength. I realized that being empathetic could come off as week, but later understood the strength it gave me. I’m 23 now turning 24 in a few days ^_^

    -Tia Jones


  4. kymnicole says:

    I’ve also reached the grand old age of 22, nearing on 23 now – I agree with so many of your point! Is there anything that you’d like to learn by the time you’re 23? xx


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