How To Do Everyday Self Care

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I feel like self care is often conceived as a large, day long affair and that you have to take time off to do it. However, we can’t all take time off to do luscious forms of self care, nut there is a way to do it everyday without taking away all of your time.


Get Clean

It sounds crazy, but hygiene has so much effect on our mood. So if you need that self care time, take a hot shower or even just washing your face can make a huge difference and is a short, easy way to take care of yourself.


Indulge A Little

Whether it is a piece of chocolate or getting your favorite drink at Starbucks, indulge in yourself a little bit everyday. Seriously, I always have chocolate at home so I can take a piece and treat myself a little.


Take 1 Minute

Stop for one minute and breathe. Do nothing for a whole minute besides breathe. We are always moving and working and going that we don’t stop, but that 1 minute can refresh you’re whole day.


End Your Day Your Way

We all get home and have a laundry list of things to do (one of those things might be laundry!), but some days you just need to go home and sit down, watch Netflix, eat dinner, and do what you want.

How do you do self care? Leave a comment below.


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  1. Hammad Rais says:

    Some really simple but amazing tips these are. Thanks for sharing


  2. loveyoumoretoo says:

    I love this! Each one of these things completely affect my mood. You are correct. The hygiene one and the take a minute are two of my favorite ways to do self care.


  3. Brianna says:

    I really love all of these tips! Self care is SUCH an important part of staying happy and healthy- thanks so much for making it easy to understand!

    xo, Brianna

    PS. I featured this post on my latest edition of Sunday Reads. You can check it out here: 🙂


  4. Julie says:

    I love this list. Sometimes being sad you forget how important some of these simple things to do. I will definitely try doing them all more often. Especially ending it my way. Thanks!


  5. Love this!! I really need to start doing each thing you listed! It’s hard when I am so stressed out with school and work and today I finally hit empty on my fuel tank – I need to recharge. I need time to myself to do the little thing I haven’t had time for and just do what I want! Also I want to start working on meditation again – breathing for a minute or longer and just focusing on that!
    Thanks for the tips!!
    (Instagram @labcoatsandlegday)


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