How To Stay True To Yourself

true yourself

When we live in a society that constantly tells us what to do, think, look like, and act like, the greatest thing you can be is yourself. But when societal expectations doesn’t accept this, how do you actually accomplish it?


Define Yourself

In order to be yourself, you have to know what that means. Reflect on your past, look at your interests, hobbies, passions, and what you want out of life.You can’t stay true to yourself if you don’t know yourself.


Don’t Apologize

For some reason, we always end up apologizing for our behavior or existence for some reason. Unless it deeply effects someone else, don’t apologize for yourself ever.You are doing yourself a disservice by apologizing for your actions or words. Accept what you do and say, and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about it.


Love Yourself and Your Flaws

This might be the most difficult, but needs to be done. Being able to love all of you, including flaws and eccentricities, is a one way ticket to being true to yourself. It is all a part of you, and you can’t pick yourself apart and only love pieces. Remember, “flaws” are subjective, so what is a flaw to you is a charm to another.


Don’t Change For Others

It can be really hard to be yourself unapologetically when society and other people thinks you don’t fit. But, you need to be you for you, and not change for others. If you want to change, it needs to be for you, not others. Change can be good for the right reason, but to be true to yourself, don’t do it for others.


Be Honest

Don’t cover up your feelings, thoughts, or actions. To be truly true to yourself, you need to be honest too. Hiding parts of yourself or not expressing your beliefs, thoughts, or feelings is more detrimental than helpful in the long run.

How do you be true to yourself? Let me know with a comment.



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  1. Great Post! It is really hard to stay true to yourself when you are surrounded by so much falseness. Sometimes I think we get lost and forget who we are when we try to be like others. I learned that in order for me to be true to myself is to shut off social media off and do something that I enjoy! Such as reading or writing. That is how I stay true!


  2. Beautiful post! I love this


  3. I love this! I’ve found that the best way to stay true to myself is to know who I am and to stay true to that. There have been times that I let how others perceived me to dictate who I was too much. I’m a little quirky, but that’s fine. I let my quirkiness shine now. 🙂


  4. Really great points!! It is so important to stay true to yourself and really let your heart speak!


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