Why I Am Staying Inside The Lines


The craze over coloring for adults has taken over, with some strange looks and curious glances. The idea is that it can be a stress reliever and can hep clear your mind. To be honest, it really does work, and I have had a book I’ve been using to help with stress and anxiety. So, I wanted to share some great books for you and how you can maximize the activity.

Some have expressed that coloring as an adult seems incredibly dull, but it really doesn’t have to be as long as you utilize it well. Here’s how:


Do It With Others

There is no rule that says you have to do it alone. Get a group of friends together, color, talk, and bond. It’s not specifically about stress relief, it can be a hobby for the group, a reason to get together. Plus it helps relieve the stigma of adult coloring when you involve your friends.


Make It A Night In

I personally am a color alone type person. It is a relaxing way to do some self-care. Plus you can do it while watching TV (or YouTube in my case) or listening to music with a drink by your side. It can be a nice way to spend an evening.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 2.09.56 PMcover.jpg

Let Creativity Take Over

Not everyone gets to be creative 24/7, so getting a coloring book is n easy way to make the creative juices flow when feeling a little blocked or uninspired. The process is what matters when it comes to coloring, so enjoy it.

Now what should you look for in a color book? Well that is mostly up to you, because there are so many out there, but here are a few suggestions (with linked images!)


If you are on the geekier side of the spectrum, you will love the selection of geek and fandom books. From Harry Potter to Doctor Who and Game of Thrones, the options never end!


If you want more whimsical illustrations to color, i suggest this book of Cats in Paris. It’s literally images of cats at different Paris landmarks.


If you are looking for something a little more simple but still beautiful, this book based on Japanese art and culture might be the perfect match for you.  Simple but  elegant designs make it feel adult without being super intricate.


Animals are probably the most abundant topic of a coloring book, so it’s pretty easy to find one you will like. This one is specifically for stress relief, but it doesn’t have to exactly be for that purpose.


Maybe your way of making coloring a more adult activity is by having a more adult theme for the book itself. There are some pretty hilarious options out there, like this one. Trust me, there are more explicit ones out there, if that’s your thing.


Now what do you use to color the books once you get them? My preference is gel pens, because they color more evenly than colored pencils or crayons, and won’t bleed through as easily as sharpies or other markers.

Have you tried adult coloring? Let me know by leaving me a comment!


10 Comments Add yours

  1. I have the Cats in Paris and Harry Potter coloring books! I use the Crayola supertip markers in mine, and they don’t bleed through!


  2. Susan Stallings says:

    Hi Michelle
    I started coloring with adult coloring books about six months ago and it is a great stress release. I also love that it gets my creative juices going. I have only used colored pencils but will try the gels you mentioned. Thanks for all the suggestion and keep on writing–blogging. Love reading it.
    Susan Stallings


  3. Simply Save says:

    I love grown up coloring books! Some wine, coloring, and a podcast is the perfect chill time for me!


  4. Lauren says:

    Cats In Paris sounds cute haha. I love coloring. I’ve been gifting people some cool adult coloring books lately.




  5. I’ve been hearing about this fad for a while. I’ll admit I dismissed it initially but the more I hear about it the more I want to try it! This just might be the final shove I needed 🙂


  6. My nephew and nieces gave me an adult coloring books YEARS ago and I loved it. I completed them all and have been looking for one to replace it for years. Now I have another and I’m so happy. But I cannot find the markers I bought to use with it. I guess, I’ll have to buy another set, so I can find the first set.


  7. My nephew and nieces gave me an adult coloring book YEARS ago and I loved it. I completed all the images in the book and have been looking for one to replace it for years. Now that the world is full of them, I have another and am so happy. But I cannot find the markers I bought to use with it. I guess, I’ll have to buy another set, so I can find the first set and go to work, coloring.


  8. Nat Marie says:

    I knew all about adult coloring, but never had the chance to actually do it until my co-worker gave me a coloring book. I was under a lot of stress and so she said to do it. Sure enough, it does help.


  9. johncutler121 says:

    Okay, I have to be honest here. Every time my fiancé would see the adult coloring books in stores we would laugh and crack jokes about them. Well, after reading your article, I’m ALMOST ready to go buy one myself. The way you pitched it here, makes the whole thing look… what’s that word?…FUN!


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