How To Manage Anxiety In College

anxiety in college

College is a stressful time for people, but also super fun and educational. But, college can be even more stressful and difficult when you have anxiety (or any mental health issue for that matter). 

Use Campus Resources

It is more than likely that you are paying tuition, right? Well if you are, then you are paying for the resources you can use to manage your anxiety. Whether it is Counseling and Psychological Services or Services to Students with Disabilities, there are many different places you can go for support. Even if you don’t have anxiety, you should definitely go to these resources and see what they offer. You’re already paying for it, so go use it.

Find Triggers

This can be a sensitive part to talk about, but necessary. Some people have something that will trigger their anxiety. It’s certainly not random. It could be seeing a person who caused you harm, or not having someone with you during an uncomfortable moment. It could be a certain topic or a reminder of a past incident. Not every person’s anxiety is the same, and shouldn’t be treated the same. Figuring out what makes you anxious can help you start coping with it.

Do Some Self Reflection

You shouldn’t avoid thinking about your anxiety. You need to understand it, why and when it happens, and what you can do to help yourself. Self reflection is done to help your understanding, because when you understand what you are having to manage, it is an easier beast to battle.

Get Help

Seriously, do it. This goes back to you using your resources. You shouldn’t have to manage this all by yourself, you can share with someone who can help you and give your support. You will be better off for it if someone has your back.

How did you handle stress and your mental health? Let me know below!



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  1. Well, not much facilities like these are available in colleges where I live but yeah when I’m in a stressed out situation I usually talk to my mom, it helps a lot. She helps me think calmly and rationally. Also, sometimes I talk to two of my most trusted friends and sometimes, I make lists of the things and situations from which I’m stressing over and try to write down as many as solutions that comes to my mind. That helps me calm down as well.
    Loved your post!


  2. These are great points for dealing with anxiety. I definitely think mine has improved since I’ve become more aware of my own triggers. I don’t know if a lot of people realize how stressful college can be, and I think it’s very important for people like you to speak up so that other students realize they aren’t alone! Great post!


  3. Janella says:

    I suffer from Anxiety too and these were some great points you’ve shared


  4. I’m a firm believer because I’m a counselor in training that talking to a counselor is the answer! 🙂


  5. Finding triggers is KEY. I had anxiety in college for the first time really, and getting help was key along with being able to really pinpoint exactly what was causing it so that I could be on my game and get it gone when it hit in the future.

    Coming Up Roses


  6. Elizabeth says:

    I’m no longer in college but currently dealing with severe anxiety. Thanks for the tips!


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