Why I Use Community For Self Care


Usually “self” and “community” don’t exactly go together. However, when it comes to self care, having a community of support that understands the importance of self care and is willing to listen and help you makes the whole process more worthwhile. There is a particular community that comes to mind when discussing this topic.


The Sunflower Circle is the community off-shoot of The Sunflower Project, which is a movement by Sara Laughed encouraging positivity, balance, and self-care in college. We use blog posts, Instagram challenges, and the Facebook group to promote happiness and healthy habits on college campuses.

The Facebook group is open to college students who want a healthier, happier life with support. So far with my interactions in the group, everyone is very authentic and helpful with questions and comments you have, which is really great because sometimes you won’t get any response by just posting a Facebook status.


Through discussion threads with various topics, and the perspectives of all of the awesome members, you will be able to better self-reflect and better your mindset into a healthier and positive one. This community will become your new BFFs.

The group will also do Instagram challenges, with the first being #GrowGratitude. Essentially, it is a two-week long project where we all share what makes us grateful, with a prompt to help us brainstorm and share our insights with the world. It would be super cool if you joined us on this project!

I am in A LOT of Facebook groups from blogging to YouTube to social media to college, and more that don’t come to mind right now, but The Sunflower Circle is becoming my new favorite. The only way it can be better is if you join us! And also share this with everyone you think would benefit from a good vibe of great people taking care of each other.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. saralaughedblog says:

    Thank you so much for this awesome post, Michelle! I am so excited that you are enjoying the group and I can’t wait to welcome your readers with open arms!


  2. alishataneja says:

    what an inspiring post. i love it!
    check out my work – s


  3. dcvaughan says:

    I absolutely love this idea. I struggled with stress, self-esteem, and authenticity in college which manifested greatly in drastic mood swings and anger. I wish there had been a community like this when I was at that age! I’m sure there were similar types of groups, but the ease and anonymity of social media can be so helpful when first addressing those difficult feelings. Not to mention being able to connect with people in different parts of the country or world!


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