Misconceptions of Feminism

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Feminism probably had the most misconceptions out of all of the things I have covered. There are some big one’s that need to be corrected right now, and here they are.

Men Can’t Be Feminists

This may be the most common misconception. Many people seem to believe that if you identify as a man, you can’t be a feminist. That our issues aren’t their issues too. But anyone, no matter their background, can be a feminist. Feminism fights issues of both genders, and needs both genders to actually solve those issues.

People of Color Can’t Be Feminists

Wrong, they need feminism just as much, if not more. And many concepts and ideas of feminism were created and based on activists fighting race issues, so feminism is almost founded on people of color. And I am white, I see my privilege and can see that people of color are fighting many more battles then I am, so they definitely need the help of feminism, which I am more than willing to give.

Feminists are Men Haters

Go back to the first section and tell me that this is true. Because it’s not. It really is about equality, not about having one gender being greater than the other. Why can’t everyone get equality opportunity and equal pay and equal treatment and respect, regardless of gender, race, age, ability, etc. Yeah, it’s that simple.



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  1. Completely agree with all of these! Especially the picture where Women>Men. Everyone should be equal and definitely shouldn’t be men haters! Great post.


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