How To Self Care In College

college self care.jpg

College can be a very difficult time for many students. Financial difficulty, mental health issues, and unforeseen circumstances can take a toll if you don’t take the time to care for yourself. 


Take A Break

Sometimes, you need to just take yourself out for a bit and take a break. There is nothing wrong with doing so, especially if whatever is going on is effecting your school work. A mental health day can go a long way.


Talk About It

Whether it is your best friend, your mother, or a therapist, talking about can help lead to understanding and conquering whatever may be going on. Seriously, the only thing that made me remotely feel better during different circumstances was talking with my loved ones.


Do Something You Love

Doing something you love can be refreshing and help boost energy, which is good when college is pulling you down with midterms, finals, and everything else. Take time to do what you love, so everything seems a little more worth it.


Ease Yourself Back In

When it gets really tough, or something very horrible happens, you can’t just jump right back into everything. Trust me, you are doing yourself a disservice by no easing yourself into the world again. Go at your own pace when it is time for you to be back, and don’t feel bad about doing so. It’s your life, so do what feels best for you.

What are your self care tips? Comment below!


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