What Hannah Hart Taught Me About Life


Hannah Hart is a YouTuber, cooking enthusiast, book author, awesome lady creator of My Drunk Kitchen, who brings honesty, hilarity, and heart to the internet. She is inspiring and has so many lessons for life, I decided to collect a few for all of you.

Hannah is fairly open with her own life and struggles, in a way where it’s a supportive lesson to her viewers. She has spoken openly about having anxiety and other mental health issues, which I really related to. She also believes that nobody is wired wrong, and everyone is perfect being themselves.

Practice reckless optimism is a big belief of Hannah’s, and she really exudes this belief in her videos. Even if sometimes you have to fake it, being optimistic is a better way to live.

So Hannah wrote a book, and she spoke on how it was her childhood dream. To me, it was a huge accomplishment for her and inspiring because it shows, no matter what strife and difficulty a person can go through, dreams can still come true.

Hannah’s love for her viewers is so different than other YouTuber’s to me because it feels 100% genuine. She is grateful for the people who have helped her get to where she is, and that we all can do a little more often.

Hannah has some crazy friends, but in the best way possible. They are also her biggest supporters and all work together in each other’s hustle. We really all need as great of friends as Hannah’s.

I not-so-secretly wish to meet Hannah one day, because she is amazing and inspiring.


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  1. That quote about her book is really cute and sweet. My childhood dream is to publish a book (well, books) and I think I’d have the same look on my face that she has on hers in that GIF. 🙂


  2. Hammad Rais says:

    Hannah looks like a great person


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