Artist Spotlight: Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan is a singer, songwriter, actor, and YouTuber who’s debut album was released later last year to critical acclaim. And he isn’t even 21 yet.

Troye Sivan started to gain most fame from his YouTube channel, although it was pretty clear that singing is his real talent. His EP TRXYE and first single Happy Little Pill gained him much credit and acknowledgement for his skill as a singer and songwriter.

On December 4th, his debut studio album Blue Neighbourhood was released and given high ratings. The electronic, effortless feel with thoughtful lyrics really capture Sivan’s personality and story. The entire album is amazing, so it is hard to pick favorites. He also makes a point in saying that his songs, particularly the love songs, are about boys.

troye sivan justin bieber selena gomez mash up 01

Troye may have began his career making videos for the internet, but he is beginning to make waves in the music industry. Billboard named him one of the Best Artists in the World Under 21. His album has been cited as one of the best of 2015 also.


You can listen to the album on Spotify.


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  1. mywords2228 says:

    This is a nice little read about Troye Sivan, I love his new album Blue and it was his video’s on YouTube that made me a fan. Great Job on writing about him!


  2. cjray1977 says:

    Great job on writing about him. I like how you kept your post proportioned with pictures in your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love Troye and I have been following his career for years now. It is amazing to see how far he has come.


  4. lovelexy says:

    Loved how you summed him up! I actually got to see him live this year, and he was truly spectacular! I wrote a blog post about it if you would like to check it out! xx


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