How To Have A Sober Vegas Trip


 When you think of a trip to Vegas, sobriety is definitely not a first thought. I wouldn’t even put it in the top ten thoughts, unless you are sober like myself. But, I have been there numerous times, to the point of losing track, and it’s certainly possible to have a sober and fun trip to Las Vegas.

Enjoy the Food

There is some amazing restaurants in Vegas, particularly from some excellent and renowned chefs. It’s not just buffets in Vegas, and some amazing food is out there for the eating.

Go To A Show

Whether it’s a concert or Cirque du Solei, Vegas has a plethora of shows, and it’s a huge event to go and see a famous show. Look into the headlining if you want a big show, or maybe check for a smaller show for a hidden gem.

Explore the City

Easy entertainment is just walking around the Strip, going in and out of iconic hotels and enjoying the sites. And you will never know what you’ll end up seeing inside a casino randomly in the afternoon.

Stay Somewhere Exciting

Pretty much every hotel has a thousand things to do, and not just a thousand slot machines. Circus, Circus has a theme park, New York New York has a roller coaster, and countless hotels have pools, movie theaters, and so much more. You’ll never be bored in hotels in Vegas.

What are activities you like to do in Vegas? Let me know below!


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  1. I love sober Vegas!!! We still want to make it over to Hoover dam!


    1. I know you can take a charter bus trip from Vegas to Hoover da. Its a little long but interesting


  2. Hammad Rais says:

    Yeah, these are much better way to enjoy Vegas


  3. I would love to go to Vegas someday, and if we do the food and the shows are what we are most looking forward to! Love Cirque. We don’t gamble at all so it’s always great to hear about other options in Vegas.


  4. Libby says:

    I absolutely agree you can have a sober trip! We actually went there for our babymoon so I clearly wasn’t drinking and we enjoyed awesome restaurants, great shows, time by the pool and just sightseeing!


  5. jenburby says:

    We did Vegas last February for my sister’s bachelorette party. I wasn’t sober and paid dearly for it when my entire Saturday was spent ruined in front of a toilet because I was so hungover. Jeez, that’s what I get for partying it up for my sister (palm to the face). There’s so much to see and do in Vegas- glad you had a great time and took advantage of what the city has to offer. Cheers!


  6. thewordhermit says:

    Yup, there’s a million things to do in Vegas without drinking or gambling. We love people watching, and doing the kitschy stuff like the Eiffel tower. Bringing the kids keeps us sober too.


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