25 Album Review


After a four year absence, Adele has returned with her album 25.

Hello, the only single from the album, might also be the strongest song on the whole album. It is the reminder of how vocally strong she really is. And it holds all of the emotion that was left from 21.

Water Under The Bridge is one of my favorite songs, with a smooth, swaying tempo. It’s a breakup song that doesn’t feel negative and downtrodden. It’s the moving on song.

Lastly, the final track of the album, Sweetest Devotion, is the love song, when a relationship is happy and loving. It’s a reminder that love is not completely lost.

Have you listened to 25? What is your favorite track?


11 Comments Add yours

  1. I’m excited to give this album a listen! Hearing ‘Hello’ for the first time was an emotional experience. I’ve really missed Adele since 21! xx


  2. Shamira West says:

    Great review! I love Adele and so happy she has returned!


  3. lazytolady says:

    I love water under the bridge it is defiantly my favorite song on the album


  4. I actually haven’t listened to the whole album yet. I need to do that… but it’ll probably wait until after Christmas.


  5. Connie Gomez says:

    Confession time. A friend gave me the entire album and I have only listened to HELLO. I will get to the rest soon. I hope but I am not done fully taking in the first song! HAHA. And, you know what, it might not be a bad idea to take the songs in slowly one at a time. What if she takes another 4 years for another album, haha. Love this!


  6. Adele. I remember the first time I heard her voice. OMG. Powerhouse of a singer. I need to hear the album.


  7. I’ve heard great things about this album and really want to get my hands on it! ❤


  8. servisashley says:

    I want this album so bad!!!!


  9. I was never much a fan of her until this album. I really like it though!


  10. I’m obsessed with this album 😀 I REALLY like All I Ask 🙂



  11. Isabel says:

    My favorite is A Million Years Ago, I am from Mexico so the guitar flare reminded me of the songs my parents used to listen to when we were younger. I also love Remedy and Sweetest Devotion like you mentioned!


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