Why All You Need Is 30 Days

Did you know that it only takes 30 days to make an idea into a habit? In fact, it is how this blog started.

This TED Talk is what inspired me to start blogging. I saw it at work and we were tasked with doing something for 30 days that we really wanted to accomplish. I had just quit my passion and needed to pursue something new and get me out of a slump, so I started Look Through My Lens and would write a post everyday for 30 days. Well those 30 days have turned into 419 and I’m still going.

My tips for doing the 30 day challenge is to have a reminder to give yourself when you want to quit. Mine was “Someone, somewhere will want to read what you write.” and I still use this to motivate me to keep going when in a rut. Another good tip is to have a clear understanding of why you are doing what you are doing. It shouldn’t be random, it should serve some purpose to your life.

What do you want to try for 30 days? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Leisel says:

    I like the concept of starting an exercise routine for 30 days but, let’s be honest… that’s work. If I can figure out how to lose weight and not change my diet or exercise (HA!) without a parasite or disease that would be fantastic.

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  2. justleesha says:

    There are a few habits I need to start making…its just so hard to start! 😦


  3. Because my brain is constantly all over the place, always flitting from one thing to another, I am absolutely horrible at sticking to something for even a short period of time. Even 30 days is tough! I’ve always wanted to try and write every day, but that never actually ends up happening. But you made a good point, “Someone somewhere will want to read what you write.” And that can be enough to be motivational!


  4. Rachael @ herhappyhome.com says:

    I agree! I’m doing a 30 challenge at the moment on my own blog and it has got me into the habit and motivated to write everyday!


  5. Rachael @ herhappyhome.com says:

    I agree! I am currently doing a 30 challenge on my own blog and it has helped me form that habit and get motivated to write every day!
    Rachael R


  6. I love to read and it’s sadly something that I never have time for anymore. I would love to read a little bit every night for 30 nights!


  7. Kayleigh says:

    When I started blogging I done the 100 Days of Happiness challenge, wasn’t 30 days, but it is what got me into blogging. However, over the summer I started going running and for a while it took effort to get up either early in the morning or head out in the evening and run but after about a month it just became a natural part of my daily routine. I haven’t been running in a while so I’ll need to get back into. This time around I’m hoping it’ll be a lot easier.


  8. This is incredibly inspirational! I don’t know what habit I want to create by doing it for 30 days yet, I’ll have to think on it, as I already write on my blog every day as it is, haha. But I’m definitely going to do at least ONE thing that I hope to turn into a habit! ❤


  9. Because... I'm cheap says:

    Great reminder! Leaves me with no excuses to start making new healthy habits 🙂


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