Why I Am A Daddy’s Girl


For some reason, Daddy’s Girl has a pretty negative connotation, probably because it is stereotyped as being spoiled girls who get anything and everything fro their dads, usually rich ones. Well that’s not what I am talking about when I say I am a Daddy’s Girl.

I am a Daddy’s Girl because I am so much like my dad, it’s soooo obvious we are related. For example, we enjoy teasing each other way too much, it’s almost a competition. We share the same temperament and similar reactions as well.

And yes, my dad does invest a lot of time and energy into me, because he wants to see me succeed and loves me. And as he always says, “You’re my favorite daughter.” (I am the only daughter)

Well Dad, you’re my favorite father. Happy birthday.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. I wasn’t the only daughter, but according to my brothers and sisters, I was his favorite! LOL I am proud of it too! Happy Birthday to you Dad!


  2. beckyginther says:

    I’m a Daddy’s girl too. My mom and my brother both did not enjoy traveling, so my dad and I went on a lot of trips together growing up and they are some of my best memories!


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