Artist Spotlight: Alessia Cara

This Canadian singer-songwriter is making her debut on November 13th with her album Know-It-All, and is already making a big impression amongst other singers, including Taylor Swift.

Alessia Cara started off by making acoustic covers on Youtube before being signed by Def Jam Records. Her first single, “Here”, released in April and became a sleeper hit. She’s been spotlighted by other artists, including Taylor Swift and Drake.

Her style is noted as blue-eyed soul. She writes about the outcasts, the anti-social butterflies, the kids who don’t want to be part of the “in-crowd”.  These messages are outlined in all of her songs, from “Here” to “Wild Things”.

If you can’t wait to listen to her music, you can check out her EP Four Pink Walls on Spotify and check out her album when it releases on November 13th!


One Comment Add yours

  1. jasminekeclipse says:

    I LOVE her so much! She’s wildly talented and humble! I have yet to give her whole album a proper listen, but I should probably get on that!

    Jasmine /


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