Artist Spotlight: Who Is Fancy

Who Is Fancy is much more than a musician. It’s a deeper, meaningful campaign to introduce us to the man behind the song.

Goodbye is the song used to show a deeper message and introduce us all to Who Is Fancy. There are a few videos for the same song, where the main person in the video is being transformed. It speaks to how society has expectations and views for someone, and how they expect a person to change to fit them, regardless of how that person wishes to be viewed or views themselves.

The song itself is about a difficult relationship that Who Is Fancy was in, and how society and his partner expected him to change because of the relationship. Fancy chose to say goodbye to that to seek out a better place where he could be himself.

The first of the three videos I saw focuses on a transgender person, in which society changes her back into a man. It’s so true that society expects people to change to fit its wishes and crushes individuality and who we really are as people.

Who Is Fancy did not show himself in any of the videos, and nobody knew who he was until he performed on Jimmy Fallon.

Here are all three videos for Goodbye.


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  1. samtetrault says:

    I’ve never listened to this before, I definitely will!


  2. thanks for sharing this..i hardly ever listen to music anymore except for fm on my way to this will be nice change.


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