How To Practice Everyday Body Positivity

everyday body pos

 Body positivity that is a topic that has generated a lot of attention online. Most of the things I’ve seen are about the beliefs and values behind body positivity, but how can someone embodied those values and beliefs everyday? Well, that is where this post comes in.

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Wear What You Want

It really is so simple. Clothing shouldn’t be policed be anyway, so embrace your body and wear clothes you enjoy wearing. It’s your body, so cover as much or as little as you want. Wear bright colors and prints to your hearts content. And when you see someone else wearing clothes that are not “stereotypical” for their size, say the look awesome because they probably spent a lot of time picking that outfit. Complements go a seriously long way.

Listen To Your Bodies Needs

Your body speaks to you. It says “I’m hungry”, “I’m sore”, “I’m tired” and so much more. It is so important to listen to your body because it’s trying to keep you healthy and feeling good. Feed it when hungry, sleep when it’s tired, and pamper yourself from time to time. Treat your body with love. Make your body happy and yours, and this especially goes for those who may feel a gender disconnect from their body. Treat your body how YOU want it to be treated, and ignore what anyone else says, because it is not their body to comment on.

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Hang Out With Other Body Positive People

When you are surrounded by like-minded people, difficult situations become significantly easier. You all can fight for each other and help each other in difficult times. They will lookout for you and you will lookout for them.

Practice Gratitude

You only get one body, and it should be loved in every state and size it is in. The human body is an incredible living machine and piece of art. Seriously, our bodies can do remarkable things. Sometimes, you just need to remind yourself that your body is incredible. It also helps to remind yourself of what you find beautiful about yourself, inside and out. Be grateful your soul has a vessel as precious as your body.

Understand It’s Okay To Feel Insecure Sometimes

Some days are tougher than others. It is very hard to be extremely self-confident in your body every single day. It is okay to feel a little insecure sometimes; it can be a motivation to check in with yourself to see if everything is okay. Insecurity is only a huge problem when you are stuck in it. If you feel insecure, check in with yourself and affirm your gratitude.

Write, Talk, Discuss, Share

Spread the positivity to others. Write about, even if it’s just a tweet. Talk and discuss it with your friends and family. And share what other people say, like this post, to people who you think should hear or read it. It’s not just about loving your own body, but loving other’s and making a positive and safe space to be in, no matter what you look like.


11 Comments Add yours

  1. lottielamour says:

    This is a lovely post! I write a lot about body positivity over on my blog – as a plus size woman with friends of all shapes and sizes that are all beautiful in their own right, I think it is really really important to tell women to be positive about the body they have. This is really well written, I’d love it if you could take a look at my blog too!

    Lottie xx


  2. I’ve been trying to become more body positive – but everyone is beautiful in all shapes and sizes!


  3. Mlle Parker says:

    Wow thank you for this post. I just had a thought about that this morning as I was dressing up for the day. It’s a great reminder to be and love ourselves just as we are.

    Mlle Parker from


  4. i can relate to so many points you have mentioned. body image is a difficult topic but i think its so important to acknowledge it and work through it.


  5. Shann Eva says:

    Such a great and important post. I was unhappy with my body for a long time when I shouldn’t have been. As long as I’m treating it right and feeding it healthy foods, I should feel good about myself no matter what size I am.


  6. Beth Jenkins says:

    What a beautiful post!! Thank you for sharing 🙂


  7. Body image security is important for sure. I believe what we think of ourselves goes a long way to good mental health as well. However, I feel it’s important to eat a healthy diet and get some type of exercise daily or at least several times a week. After watching my dad go into a diabetic coma (he was type 2, and extremely overweight) , I just feel a healthy body is just as important as a health mental thought process of ourselves. .. If that makes any sense.


  8. hannstein says:

    Love this! I couldn’t agree more to treat your body how it wants to be treated.


  9. Nichole says:

    Body Positivity is such an important message to pass on to our daughters! Great tips for embracing it for ourselves as well!


  10. resamichelle says:

    Thank you so much for these tips! I think I struggle with the insecurity problem quite a bit, and I consequently question myself – “how can you consider yourself a body positive person if you can’t be proud of your body?”. I’ve realized, though, there’s a difference – I’m proud of what my body has achieved and is capable of. I’m not proud of how I’ve treated it lately. Ultimately, it’s my body and I’m not ashamed of it, and I can always want better for it.


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