How To Manage Stress


Work, school, life… all things that add stress into our lives. And now the holidays are creeping up, extra layers of stress are swarming our lives. So how do you take control of all that is happening and giving you stress?

Stress is a pretty common part of life, and instead of letting it overcome you until you break, it’s best to learn how to manage it and take control for yourself. Here are my tip for managing stress.


A Little Stress Is Ok

Stress can act as a motivation tool, so having a little bit of stress is in fact ok. It can help keep you productive and motivated. However, when the amount of stress is overwhelming, that is when it becomes a problem.

book relax

Take Care of Yourself

Honestly, it is perfectly fine to take a mental health day. It is important to make sure that you are taking time out to make sure you are staying healthy, both physically and mentally. Stress makes this very difficult, but at some point you are going to need to stop and take a moment to yourself. Take a nap, make yourself a good meal, read a book, whatever will help you de-stress, even for a moment.


Find A Way To Vent

If you bottle up what is stressing you out, it makes it worse. I usually call my family and talk to them about what is happening and I will feel better. You can talk to a loved one, write out how you’re feeling, or to a professional. I also use an app called Pacifica where I can journal my thoughts and talk to others who are dealing with the same issues. The whole point of venting is to get it out of your head and possibly find solutions to whatever is going on.

How to you handle stress? Share below!


15 Comments Add yours

  1. serenemomblog says:

    Finding a way to vent is so important! You have to let things out sometimes.


  2. I’ve been going through a particularly stressful time myself. These tips are really helpful and useful.


  3. Great tips. We take on too much and get way busy. We must ask why we do this to ourselves. And that often reveals the motives of our stress.


  4. Lakisha says:

    Stress management is so important. I find myself trying new ways everyday to maintain. Thanks for the tips.


  5. Jenn says:

    Great tips! I totally agree that you need to take care of yourself, and stop to take a break once in a while. Breathing techniques help me a lot. Also, putting the situation in a bigger perspective – is this the end of the world? What can I do to adjust the situation? And other positive thoughts!


  6. Punch someone? No, no I am joking. I meditate, sometimes, when I remember. 😉


  7. Ashley says:

    These are such great tips! Thanks for sharing!


  8. solaonitiri says:

    Fantastic post. I really love how you brought up venting; venting is such an important part of distancing yourself from stress. Stress can really do a number on me, so when I’m stressed I try to remove myself from the situation and remind myself that failure is nothing to be afraid of.

    Thanks for this great post.
    x Sola


  9. Rebecca Renfrow says:

    One of my favorite ways to manage my stress level is to take a walk outside. Always helps to clear my head and help me to refocus. These are all great tips!


  10. Olga says:

    Taking care of oneself is usually the hardest thing to do. I like to take a walk with my co-worker on stressful days and either vent or talk about completely random topics. I also find that taking a nap or curling up with a good book and completely disconnecting from technology gives me a good reboot.


  11. DT says:

    Venting really helps.. Thank God, I have friends I can turn to!
    — DT | Here I Scribble


  12. Poli Impelli says:

    Taking care of myself, in all aspects of life. My only purpose of being “here” is to be happy. So everything I do, think, feel and believe is focused on that purpose. I meditate twice a day, everyday (no excuses). That´s the point, it´s like cleaning or resetting my mind and spirit each day: complete feeling of happiness 🙂
    Great tips. Greetings!


  13. Excellent advise. Having someone to vent to is the best way that I manage my stress.


  14. I definitely have to remind myself of these sometimes! Thanks for sharing

    Sarah |


  15. I vent and take deep breath (frequently 🙂 ) to relief stress. It is a stressful world out there!


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