Why I Want To Keep School Safe

It is all over the Internet: Umpqua Community College in Oregon. I don’t need to go into much detail, because this isn’t the first incident of it’s kind in this year alone. I had one happen not far from me at a community college with friends as students there. And, to be honest, I’ve hit my limit of just talking and not doing something to help solve a serious problem in this country. 

In my own life, I’ve had to be evacuated from classrooms and away from buildings because someone wrote a bomb threat on a bathroom stall or left a crumpled note in a classroom. In middle school, I sat outside with the entire school for 4+ hours because a bomb removal team was searching the school. Fortunately, all of these threats were stupid kids who didn’t want to sit through math class, but they had to deal with some serious consequences, and so did we.

Being in situations like that teach you many things, including to fear something that should make you feel safe, such as school. And I can only imagine it is a million times worse when something actually takes place, like a shooting. Honestly how does anyone expect students to pick themselves and keep learning and being successful in an environment that’s been violated with an act of violence?

We shouldn’t need to have to recover from these situations, they should be prevented. School needs to be a safe place, because for many it is the only safe place they have in their lives. I haven’t had a situation like UCC happen at my school, but some days I still fear what could happen because school doesn’t feel safe when it’s been destroyed by gunfire, even when it’s not my school. The idea that someone could just come onto a campus and open fire is incredibly unsettling, and must be completely unbearable after it’s already happened to you.

But what can we do? We need to strongly voice the importance of this issue continuously, not just when a tragedy occurs. Instead of the latest Trump news or what Presidential candidate is on Jimmy Fallon this week, we need to focus on getting a solution to this major problem we have, because it really is a major problem. So, I will personally be trying my best to voice my concerns, particularly via Twitter using #keepschoolsafe and hopefully getting at least some recognition because I want to see some change, and I hope you do too.

Please join me on Twitter to try to #keepschoolsafe


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  1. I confess I just feel overwhelmed by it all. I don’t have a problem with gun ownership at its basics, but at the same time… all of this insanity just has to stop. We clearly have a problem in this nation, and it’s complex and horrible. The problem is that the intimidation with weapons is making it too terrifying to get involved. I hate that it’s at the point that I just want to hide and pray that it skips my house, because I honestly don’t know that anything else will ever happen. 😦


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