How To Do Everyday Feminism

everyday fem

Feminism should not be reserved for huge events and crisis. Everyday feminism is the idea that, by doing little things daily, you incorporate feminism into your life 24/7. But how exactly is this done?

Do More Things Alone

When you do things by yourself, whether it’s grocery shopping, exercising, or going to dinner. Being alone is a great way to figure life out and helps with figuring yourself out, and loving yourself is very feminist.

Be Good To Other Women

Women need to help other women, and so many forget this or think that other’s are their competition. Feminism is about equality, and we need to help each other be equal.


Be Good To Yourself

We really are the hardest critics on ourselves. It is important to love yourself, because if you can’t love yourself, it is difficult to love others. If we believe in our own abilities and skills, go towards our dreams, and love ourselves, others will do the same and see you the same way you see yourself.

Speak Your Mind

Do no let anyone silence you. Whether it is during a meeting, in your family, or having coffee with a friend, let your voice be heard. Your thoughts and ideas should never be devalued. Period.

Speaking up can lead to great discussion and conversation as well, even if it is with someone who does not agree with you. Ideas cannot spread without a voice.

Watch, Read, Listen

The more feminist media we consume, the more that gets made and the ideas spread. Also, the more you read, watch, or listen will help you clarify your beliefs and ideas of feminism, because no one has the exact same feminism. It can be as simple as reading a blog post (shameless plug I know), or more in depth as watching a full documentary on women in media (Miss Representation for example). The more you know, the more you grow.

How do you show your feminism daily?


5 Comments Add yours

  1. inkandalchemie says:

    Love this! So true. I know I struggle every day with learning to value myself after a lifetime of being told I’m inherently “less than.” The more we can support each other the better off our society will be.


  2. Love this article! I definitely need to refer back to it. You propose some really great arguments in it.


  3. I so agree with doing more things alone. As an introvert I’m actually somewhat of an expert at this! haha



  4. CurvyLou says:

    How do I show my feminism daily? Hmmm. Really good question. I suppose I do it by running helter skelter after so many interests—dyeing, knitting, sign language—without letting anyone get in the way or slow me down.They’re also my true interests, not things I wanted because they’re popular or trending, so participating in them nurtures very deep needs and makes me very happy.
    Thank you for your fine and encouraging article!


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