What Brave Taught Me About Being A Woman


Brave is a 2012 Disney Pixar film about Princess Merida, an independent young woman who desires to change her fate from marriage to freedom. And as Merida learns many lessons about fate and freedom, we learn as well.

Communicate With Your Mother

Probably the most obvious lesson in the entire movie is how important it is, as a young woman, to communicate with your mother. Despite how mom’s have ultra awesome superpowers, they can’t actually read your mind. If they know how you feel, they will know how to help you.

Be In Control Of Your Own Fate

Merida is very independent, which I love. She doesn’t let stuff just happen to her, she takes control of her life. Young girls can really benefit from knowing that they control their futures overall, not other people.

Be Strong

 There is nothing wrong with a strong, empowered woman. Mulan shows us that, and so does Merida.  She is not afraid to protect herself whether with arrows, a sword, or her spirit.

Love Your Family

Before Frozen, Brave was teaching loving family over loving a man (and does it better in my opinion). The power of familial love outweighs any other, and should be found and kept in some way.

What did you learn from Brave about being a woman? Share in the comments!


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  1. Spot on! I definitely also learned to be strong. And brave – even when she wasn’t succeeding, she turned it around. It’s such a lovely story.


    1. Exactly. Plus it was (in my opinion) a better way of doing familial love than Frozen

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  2. Ahhh! I love the movie Brave. I don’t even have kids and still end up renting the animated movies. Some are so good with great lessons! 🙂

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  3. Haley says:

    Obsessed with the movie Brave. I never get sick of watching it over an over. Great Post!


  4. I loved this post! I also do a series on Lessons Learned from Disney. I would like to do Brave sometimes soon.


  5. samanthalaycock22 says:

    I love Brave. It is by far one of my favorite kids movies. I hope my daughter grows up to be strong willed and to know that she doesn’t need a man to be whole!


  6. What a great post! I agree with all of your points. This has been one of my favorites since it came out. Being a red-headed Scottish girl probably has something to do with it. 🙂

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