How To Be Body Positive

Body positivity has come to the front of a lot of the news I see online, and an inspiring feminist campaign. But being body positive is much more than saying you love your body, so here is how to join the body positive movement.

Understand the True Value of Beauty

Beauty is valuable, both social and culturally, and that should not be denied. However, the value of beauty should not be recognized as the number one most valuable part of a person. Everyone has beauty, and that should be noticed and appreciated. But when a specific type of body is idolized as the most valuable form of beauty, thats is when we hurt people and that is what we need to deconstruct.

We are Complex

I am a firm believer that the most important parts of people are their brains and their hearts. If we neglect to address these features, we ignore the complexities of people, which is what makes people so interesting. Let’s love all parts of a person, not isolating them into best and worst features. Everyone is unique, let’s celebrate that.

Love All Bodies

It’s not just about loving your own body (although you definitely should) but to love, respect, and appreciate all bodies.  Also, everyone has imperfections, and everyone has body struggles, but having the understanding that you only get one body, it is your home, and deserves to be loved in any state will keep the positivity.

Health is Not Defined By Body Size

This happens to me often, where I am at a doctor’s appointment and I am perfectly healthy, except for my weight. People often judge how healthy someone is based on outside appearances, and this is an issue found in both body positivity and ableism. Unless you are a medical professional, do not make assumptions about someone’s health based on their body, because you are more likely going to be wrong.

Do Not Push It On Others

The process of being body positive is just that: a process. Everyone experiences struggles and you should not force positivity onto them. Instead, you should act as a partner in their journey and help them understand it all, not shouting “Love your body!” at them like it’s a magic phrase.

Have Discussions

It’s important to talk about the varying issues and ideas of body positivity. It’s not just about loving your body. Talk about thin privilege and fat discrimination. Talk about body images and eating disorders. Talk about fat phobia. Talk about prevention and intervention. Share your knowledge, listen to others, and talk to people who struggle to understand. And practice what your preach. Everything is good in theory, but it only matters in practice.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. nmiller00 says:

    Everything that you said in this post- just yes! It took me a long time to be ok with my body and now I make sure that others around me feel as positive about themselves. Wonderfully written!


  2. Fabulous post! With social media so widely available now young girls are under so much pressure! X


  3. Sabine says:

    Hey there 🙂 thanks for speaking up…this is also a topic where I like to talk about….
    It is so important to finally stop comparing and start loving our bodys…
    No matter which size we are, as long as we are healthy and happy we are perfect…:)


  4. It was easy for me to be body positive when I was fit. Even though I look the same I did when I was fit, I know that I’m not healthy like I was and so it’s harder for me to be positive about my body. But I’m working towards getting back into shape and loving myself more!


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