Back To School Motivation

As I enter my senior year of college, I realize that I actually need a spark of motivation to get me through the year. Senioritis is starting strong, but I have found some videos that get me inspired and informed for school, and I figured it would be great to share them with you. Even if you don’t go to school these videos can help spark some motivational fire in you.

Kid President has a way of simple inspiration that amuses, and I like showing this video to my students when the school year begins, because it is a reminder of why school is important and that it teaches you so much about life in the process.

Jullien Gordon is a motivational speaker who talks directly to millennials about how education has changed and what the can do to succeed in the highly competitive world we now live in. If you are in college, you need to watch this video.

Suli Breaks is a spoken word performer who has many videos and pieces on success and living your life in a fulfilling way. This piece in particular is great for when you need a push to being a innovative and inspiring person who does great things.

This speech from Dead Poet’s Society is always inspiring for me, as a creative, because it reminds me that pursuing creative pursuits is still worthwhile, even when society tells me otherwise.


10 Comments Add yours

  1. bknipp says:

    The great thinkers: Confucius, Albert Einstein, Justin Timberlake. Ha! I love the kid president 🙂


  2. Sharon S. says:

    I love Kid President. Such knowledge in such a little body!


  3. Perfect! Love ALL the videos! 🙂


  4. Michelle says:

    All great videos. Love Kid President he’s so cute.


  5. Kayla Cruz says:

    These are really great resources! I ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEE kid president!! He’s always spot on! Thanks for sharing these 🙂 Kayla


  6. Liz Jo says:

    Such great videos for getting back into the school feeling!

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie


  7. dirtandnoise says:

    Great videos! We’re almost there only two more days and it’s back to school…aaaaah!


  8. nmiller00 says:

    Love the videos! I had never heard of Kid President before.


  9. Thanks for exposing me to some new names. Videos (and podcasts – love em) are so inspiring to me. Have an awesome school year!


  10. I work at a college and this is our third week back at school. Teachers and students aren’t the only ones that need motivation. The support staff does too!


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