Why I Am Sex Positive

I am pretty sure that when people see the phrase “Sex Positivity” they think it means having a lot of sex, which is not the case. Simply put, sex positivity is the belief that sex, as long as it is HEALTHY and CONSENSUAL, is a positive activity. And just like feminism, the amount you believe in about sex positivity can vary.

Are you still not sure if you’re sex positive? Consider these questions:

Do you believe it is important to understand your own sexuality? That knowing what you like and dislike, what turns you on and off, important to you?

Do you believe consent is important?  That having both partners agree and are enthusiastic about having sex before doing it is important?

Do you believe having sex AND not having sex is healthy? That it is a choice of whether or not a person has sex and that it is not your right to judge them for that choice?

Do you understand that just because it doesn’t turn you on, it’s not wrong if it turns someone else on? That personal kinks and fetishes are personal and not your place to criticize?

Do you believe that slut-shaming of any kind is wrong? That there is a double standard of how we treat men and women when talking about sex, and that the amount of sex one person has is their choice, not yours?

Do you understand that your sex is not better than anyone elses sex? That sharing your sexual freedom excessively can be misconstrued as gloating and comparing your sex to another is inappropriate?

Do you believe that sexual education needs to be improved? That the current, abstinence education is not healthy, helpful, or safe for our youth?

I openly agree with all of these, so I am certainly a sex positive person.

If you said yes to the above questions, than congratulations you are sex positive! Again, the amount you agree with depends on you, and it is a learning process, so just keep an open mind.

Are you sex positive? What made you understand that?


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  1. I am 100% sex positive. 😀


  2. Robin says:

    Absolutely! Leaving behind guilt, judgement, stereotypes and shame is very freeing.


  3. Sara Strand says:

    Totally sex positive. Which scares the shit out of me as a parent because my first instinct is to do everything I can to sway them from it because they are forever my babies. BUT. I grew up in a sex positive house and obviously that worked out for me, I wasn’t sexually active until I was 17 and had a boyfriend and was over the top with precautions against pregnancy and disease. I knew what I was doing well before and felt more informed/prepared.

    But still… I’m terrified for my kids. LOL


    1. Thats totally natural. Sex positive is very pro comprehensive sex ed so teens can get educated in safety


  4. Sahar says:

    Love this post, the only reservation I have is with “Do you understand that just because it doesn’t turn you on, it’s not wrong if it turns someone else on? That personal kinks and fetishes are personal and not your place to criticize?”–but only when it comes to things like children. I’m sorry but if children turn someone on, I feel strongly that it’s not normal and the person needs help. Other than that, whatever floats your boat, it’s your boat to float 😛

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    1. Great point. Thats where consent plays a huge part because children in many situations do not consent thus making actions wrong and inappropriate, even to sex positive people

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      1. Sahar says:

        OH! Great point Michelle!!!! You are so right. Consent cannot be given by children and therefore, as you said, is considered wrong and inappropriate! Duh! Thank you for explaining it to me and now I will go over there and blush.



  5. Great blog! I honestly hadn’t thought much about this as. I am very much sex positive…. for everyone else. I still am pretty repressed, though. Thanks for the thought-food. ❤


    1. There is nothing wrong in being more reserved about sex. I am glad this post made you think

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  6. Krysten says:

    Amen, I totally and 100% agree!

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  7. Shann Eva says:

    I guess I’ve never really thought about it, but I agree with everything you said, so I guess so! Thanks for sharing!


  8. Liz Jo says:

    Agree 100% sex is definitely a good activity if both parties consent and understand the structures of their activity.
    liz jo @ sundays with sophie


  9. Warsaurus says:

    I am definitely sex positive. Education needs masses of improvement and everyone should have the choice to learn more about their bodies without society pressures!!


  10. I was unfamiliar with this term prior to reading this post. However, now I know I am sex positive.


  11. I’m 100% sex positive


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