What is Comprehensive Sex Ed?

We all laughed at this scene from Mean Girls, but it’s more than just comedy. It’s how sex ed is taught in classrooms all over the country.

Let’s take a deeper look at sexual education in the United States

Shocking isn’t it? As of 2014, only 19 states required that whatever being taught in a sex ed classroom had to be medically accurate. That’s only 38% of the country. This means that over half our country is easily receiving false, unsafe information, if they are getting any information at all. How does that sound safe to anyone?

Comprehensive sex ed goes beyond abstinence and STI scare tactics that is so commonly found in the current, abstinence only education being provided. It discusses safe sex, consent, healthy relationships, abortion and adoption, sexuality, and understanding of one’s own body. Right now we are scaring youth from exploring and understanding their own body’s, refusing to talk about birth control methods in depth, and focusing on religion and politics instead of health and medical accuracy.

To me, it seems like common sense to provide teens with the tools and understanding that they would need to be safe and healthy if they decide to have sex. TEENS HAVE SEX, and it’s obvious that abstinence education and no education is not working. So why aren’t we changing anything effectively?

Of course this is not an overnight change. But the more people who stand up and voice the need for comprehensive sex education, the more likely change can occur. Let’s protect and inform America’s youth, not scare and confuse.


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  1. Jess says:

    Oh gosh as a teen that’s just finished school I can confirm sex ed has not improved and the ‘condom on the banana’ exercise is still a favourite amongst teachers. The UK has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in Europe and it’s not hard to see why when it’s not taught honestly or realistically at all- most of the students know more than the teachers yet it’s still dumbed down to ‘when a man loves a woman very much…’ no wonder everyone is clueless and ends up copying porn. The lessons fail to mean anything to the students and until that changes they might as well not be compulsory.


  2. Leanne says:

    Sex-ed in Europe and Scandinavian countries are better because they produce better results. They teach teens about relationships too (good and bad ones) and no means no, in addition to the topics you suggested be taught if they get sex education at all. What are your thoughts on parental involvement on sex-ed? It can be extremely uncomfortable for parents who don’t talk about these things that when the talk does happen, it might scar the child for life or they might lie to their kids – sex is bad, it feels bad, etc. Of course, one must look at the other end of the spectrum, where some parents are more comfortable about talking about sex and share a lot of things that would end up around the school. I think this is a fun and serious topic that should be further explored, no pun intended.


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