Why I Am Unstoppable


Always started their #LikeAGirl campaign at the Super Bowl, and now they are showing us why girls are unstoppable.

Always has created a series of commercials and advertisements about empowering young girls and giving them confidence at a young age. Their latest one, identified as Unstoppable, talks to girls of varying ages about what society teaches them about being a girl, and their reactions.

The girls break down the barriers of what society says about them to become triumphant and unstoppable. It made me want to write what society says about and kick it and break it down. It is such a simple action that means so much.


Girls are unstoppable, if we teach them to be. If we tell them they can do anything, they will. And if we tell them they can’t, they are weak, they can’t be in control, that is what they will do. Let’s teach girls, and all of society, that girls are awesome and unstoppable.


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      1. I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to send this to you. Sorry for any miss understandings.


  2. I’ve always been unstoppable. Just sayin’!


  3. samanthalaycock22 says:

    I love this. Every girl should know just how important she is and how much potential and beauty they all possess


  4. thehamandcheeseofit says:

    What a great campaign that they are hosting! How awesome is this! ❤


  5. I almost cried the first time I saw this video :’)


  6. Warsaurus says:

    Hey! I’ve also written a post about this along with other empowering advert campaigns I love at the moment! Be great if you could take a look! 🙂 https://warsaurus.wordpress.com/2015/07/10/female-empowerment/


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