A Few Of My Favorite Things


Que Julie Andrews singing in the background.

So Sunday was my birthday (woohoo) so I decided to share a little more about me with all of you so here are a few of my favorite things.


I danced for 12 years, and my favorite style is ballet. It is hard work to look so effortlessly graceful, so I like to indulge myself in a show from time to time now that I no longer participate myself.


The jazz era is so fascinating, with the culture and huge changes that happened, including major economic and political transitions, but also the surge in women’s rights and feminism. Also it’s hard to deny the fun of flappers and Hollywood being born.

YA Literature

From John Green to Rainbow Rowell to JK Rowling and more, I enjoy reading young adult literature the most. YA authors gives young people the ability to understand that they, too, can also be fascinating and have stories to tell and do amazing things. I think that these books are empowering.


Oregon is stunning. I want to live there so much. From the beautiful green scenery to the culture, I love it all. Someone take me to Oregon please.


I am a sucker for spontaneous dancing and singing, because there is a lot of artistry behind the production of a musical. Wicked is a favorite of mine, but I have recently added A Gentleman’s Guide To Love and Murder as a new favorite.


This really shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone based on the title of this blog. I have found great peace behind a camera, and adore it as a beautiful form of self expression.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. mcowder says:

    Happy late birthday!!


  2. theclutterboxblog says:

    I have always wanted to take a ballet class! I will get there one day!! I have never been to Oregon, that’s also on my one day list!


  3. torrs13 says:

    I really would have loved to learn ballet at some point in my life. I enjoy dancing but obviously I’m not trained or anything. I just find ballet to be so beautiful!



  4. Colleen says:

    Aaaaaah I so feel you on the Oregon love. I want to live there too!


  5. Natalie says:

    I love ballet as well! I had to finally give it up when I got to college because I didn’t have the time to dedicate to it anymore, but it was such a wonderful part of my childhood. 🙂


  6. Happy Belated Birthday!

    I went to a ballet once and loved it. I want to go to another, but I just haven’t made it. And I’m a huge fan of musicals!


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