What Theatre Taught Me About Life


In honor of the Tony Awards, I share with you my personal life lessons from my short, but rewarding, experience in theatre.

You Can Never Control The Actions Of Others

This wasn’t something I pulled out of some experience, but a phrase that was directly said to me and my theatre class by our teacher. She told as that we all make our own decisions, and it is our choice if we follow someone else or not. Some of the wisest words that has come out of my high schools years.

It’s Okay To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Honestly, it’s almost impossible to do theatre and not go outside of your comfort zone. By going outside of your comfort zone, you just make the zone wider, and the world will become your stage.

You Will Never Know Unless You Try

I never thought I could memorize anything until I had to memorize lines. If you let your anxieties and doubt fill you, you will know all of the great things you can do. Just go out and try all of the things you’ve ever wanted to do.

Some Of Your Best Memories Will Be When You Least Expect It

I have noticed in life that you make memories without knowing it, and I never really thought I would be making memories when sitting in the prop loft shooting dowels over a shelf with a makeshift bow, or when the boys would try on the large, puffy prom dresses in the costume storage, or when we would just chill on stage rehearsing and a Breakfast-Club themed Cell Block Tango  would start. Memories aren’t forcibly made they just happen.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Theatre was one of the best components at my high school! A lot of my friends were in theatre, and I can see a lot of your points that they would agree with!


  2. What great lessons. As a once-upon-a-time theater person, I could relate.


  3. Such inspiring lessons. Three cheers! 🙂


  4. Ashleigh says:

    Great lessons! I like the first one a lot…it is true in all aspects. Thank you for sharing! xx


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