Chaos and the Calm Review


Chaos and the Calm is the first album by James Bay, and is my latest musical obsession.

James Bay is a British singer-songwriter and guitarist whose first album, Chaos and the Calm, released on March 23rd, 2015 and was number one in the UK and 15 in the US. My short explanation for his style of music is Ed Sheeran meets Sam Smith with an Indie twist, which makes me all sorts of joyful. His most well-known song is Hold Back The River, which is where I first fell in love with his music, and his album as a whole has the same magic.

One of my favorite songs on this album is Let It Go, which is about how a relationship slowly ends, and how in the end it should be let go. It’s a soothing song that, although melancholy, is simply beautiful.

One of his more upbeat and faster paced tracks is Best Fake Smile, which is a reminder that you don’t have to be fake to be liked or accepted, it’s overall better to just be yourself. It’s oddly a big confidence boost to listen to this song, and it’s fun tempo makes you want to dance.

This last song I will discuss is another one of his simply beautiful songs, and makes my heart melt when I hear it. Yes, it’s on the more melancholy side, but he sings such truth that you can’t help but love the fact that someone else understands. This song has also inspired a project I am working on (shhh it’s a secret).

I highly recommend this album and this artist, because he is incredible and his songs are wonderful. You can listen more on Spotify!

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