What Kim Possible Taught Me About Being A Woman


 Children learn a great deal from the TV shows they watch. And When I was a kid, Disney Channel had some of the best shows, had being the operative word. I can highly attribute some of the things I’ve learned about being a woman to watching Kim Possible as a kid. I learned…

It Is Possible To Have A Guy Best Friend

Spoiler Alert: Ron and Kim did end up together, I know. BUT for the majority of the series, they were just best friends. They were the epitome of friendship goals. The fact that they could just be themselves with each other was awesome. And they’d do anything to help each other. That is an awesome friendship.

It Is Possible To Be A Smart, Professional Woman and A Mom

Kim’s mom was amazing. She is a doctor for one, so you know she is intelligent. She is also a great mother. It taught me that, when I get to the point where I want kids and a career, I don’t have to choose and I can be good at both.

Women Can Be Strong and Feminine

Yes, Kim beat villains and saved the world on numerous occasions. However, she also likes clothes, talking about boys with her friend Monique, and is a cheerleader. All people are complex, so woman can be both strong and empowered and girly and feminine.

Women Are Fierce and Can Take Care Of Themselves

Shego might be evil, but she is also very impressive. Despite being Drakken’s side kick, she can throw it down and take care of the situation. She is also incredibly smart, with witty comebacks and the fact she actually succeeded in taking over the world, unlike all of her male counterparts. Shego is one fierce lady.

Kim Possible Theme 2

Women are Awesome

Kim is the ingenue of awesome. She proves that women are complex creatures that are capable of anything, from saving the world to learning to drive to being cheer captain. And we’re not perfect. Sometimes we make mistakes, like lying to your parents to got to a Halloween party to dating a robot who tried to kill you. Maybe these examples are not for everyone, but they prove my point.


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  1. My sister loved Kim Possible, so of course, I ended up watching it too. Love these points and they are all so true! I love that we are free to be so much more than what it seems. And never have to be barricaded to one certain niche!


  2. My daughter was a BIG KIM Possible fan and I followed her down the road but she was oh so little then! And I being her Mom became a fan of some of her faves, and others I just suffeed through or prayed she’d move on quickly from…Love your post and thoughts about KP and women. On the best friend thing…I married mine after 20 years of “just friends”…we finally came to I Do. We have been married now for almost 12 years (July 5th) giving us a grand total of 32 friendship years…;)


  3. Nikki says:

    I loved Kim Possible! I miss the old TV shows.


  4. theclutterboxblog says:

    I have never really watched Kim Possible. But it’s so nice to know there are great feminist kid shows out there!


  5. Love this post, LOVE Kim Possible. 🙂 Great points! She is such a great role model, and her mom was too!


  6. NerdHope24 says:

    I LOVE THIS POST. HONESTLY, as a teen, I only grew up with classic Disney for a year or 2 before it was replaced with all these crappy new shows. This post is amazing and you should keep writing. Also love you blog layout but suggestion move you follow buttons to below the search widget on your sidebar.


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