What Cinderella Taught Koumba About Life

Growing up, Cinderella was by far my most favorite Disney Movie. I couldn’t tell how many times I watched Cinderella and then acted the movie with my little friends for more thrill. Rewatching Cinderella as an adult gave me a new perspective and taught me valuable life lessons:

You can’t change everything that happens to you but you can change the way you experience it

Cinderella was given overwhelming chores and overall was treated unfairly. She could have chosen to be depressed all along, but instead she tried to find something positive out of her situation. Often, she sang while working, entertaining herself and daydreaming. Finding the positive in bad situations, helps in dealing with them. Sometimes, we need to pause, analyze what is happening to us and recognize that we have the power for how we react to it.

Be kind even to those who have wronged us.

“The way people treat you is their Karma, the way you react is yours” Wayne Dyer.

People may wrong us but we don’t have to play by their rules. Otherwise we would just be like them. In the end, Cinderella doesn’t go on a payback mission. Rather, she moves on in her happily ever after. We shouldn’t live in negativity by focusing on hurting those who have hurt us. It is a waste of energy that could be spent on finding happiness.

Befriend everyone

Cinderella’s life was made easier by all her animal friends. They made her feel better and helped her with her chores and more importantly through tough times. That to me says that we can’t think we are too good to be someone’s friend. You never know how someone can help you regardless of their social status, beliefs, educational background or race. Welcome any friendship genuinely offered.

Losing valuables is part of fate

The prince might have never found Cinderella if it wasn’t for the lost shoe. Do you realize, one shoe changing the course of history? Too often, I make a big deal out of losing stuff. And believe me I lose stuff all the time. It is almost like a curse. But then I remember it could be fate. Maybe my prince charming will find me through the borrowed earrings I lost last weekend (errr, you never know…). Anyways at least my sister was less mad at me when I explained the rationale for celebrating the loss of her earrings (or maybe she believed HER prince charming might find her).

Be on time

Midnight was the condition for the Cinderella story to unfold the way it did. There probably wouldn’t have been a happily ever after ending if she had missed her deadline. Think about what that would have meant for the young lady. So I take away to be on time and to not make fate wait.

I can’t conclude this post without the biggest lesson I learned from the Cinderella story which is a bonus to the five lessons above: A new pair of shoes can change your life! That’s right!

So next time your conscience tries to talk you out of getting a new pair of shoes, remember Cinderella.

Koumba Orsi, avid reader, passionate writer. Please find me on koumbaorsi.wordpress.com. I have lived on 3 continents in my twenty something years. I blog about life experiences, random encounters and thoughts on the many subjects of life.


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  1. Loved the last two: be on time and buy those new shoes! Cute post – made me laugh.


  2. I love this! Such valuable lessons I hadn’t even though of before. Very clever post.


  3. Such a cute post! Definitely some valuable insights!


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