How To Recover From Heartbreak


This is one of those painful topics you never really want to talk about, but here I go.

Heartbreak comes in many shapes and sizes. It could be a relationship ending, losing a loved one, or losing the ability to do something you love.  I have experienced heartbreak in all of the above forms, and live to tell the tale.  And my goal for you today is to live to tell your tale as well.

Have a Heartbreak Song

When I lost the boy I “loved”, I listened to Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy. When my grandma died, I listened to Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood and Drops of Jupiter by Train. I am known to play Sam Smith when I’m in a low mood. These songs healed me in a way, because music has an immense power to understand how we feel. It’s a magical thing, really.

Don’t Fight The Feeling

When the heartbreak has just happened, feel it. Don’t shove it away, feel it. If you let yourself feel sad and hurt, it will go away faster. Let the emotion out, so it doesn’t fester and boil over and you explode. Trust me, curl up in your bed, listen to your heartbreak song, and cry if you have to. That being said, don’t let the feeling take over permanently. The point is to let the emotion out, not let it take over.

Read a Book

I love to escape reality when feeling down, and a book is the fastest way to do so. It’s not a glowing screen reminding you of it all. It’s an escape into another person’s story, which can get your reality  off your mind for a few hours.

Move On

You’re still breathing, the world is still spinning, the sun rises and sets, and everything will be okay. There’s a long list of cliches I could use to further cement this statement, but I will spare you all that.

How do you recover from heartbreak?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. amommasview says:

    I agree with you on all those tips. I would add: Look at the stars. There are so many beautiful, sparkling stars up there. One of them is yours.


  2. ReelCarina says:

    The one I struggle with is not to fight the heartbreak and to let it out. When I’m heartbroken, I tend to escape the feeling by doing thousands of things. I try to be constantly around people, do some crazy workouts or immerse myself into my studies to an unreasonable extent. This usually ends with one big breakdown at the point where I can’t take it anymore… Thanks for your lovely tips though! xx Carina


  3. Some good tips there. We tend to burrow into relationships, so when they’re over, the hole is huge. For me, getting together with friends, exercising, and spending time outdoors – really anything active – was always a big help. When a long term relationship ended, I signed up for scuba lessons! It was fun and I met a whole group of new people. Any kind of class will do. Volunteering is another way to connect. I suppose, this all comes down to engaging and expanding one’s experience beyond the heartbreak. Invite the world to play.


  4. e says:

    Writing is so therapeutic on soooo many levels. Staying busy.


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