Throwback Playlist

Everyone loves a good throwback, and this playlist is made to fit that need.

For the purposes of this playlist, the throwback time period is the 2000’s and earlier.  My personal mix ranges from the 70’s to 2009, since my parents were teenagers in the 70’s and have shared their taste in music with me.

This first song is one of the songs I hear incredibly often thanks to my Dad and his mix CD’s. Originally from 1973, Ballroom Blitz makes me think of Rocky Horror Picture Show mixed with classic rock.

Pat Benatar is probably most well known for this song. It has been covered countless times and is still heard so much today, it’s almost like a current song.

I was the kid with a walkman who listened to Britney Spears right when she started her career. This is when she was still the girl next door, and it’s hard to forget this Britney. She made red jumpsuits seem like a viable wardrobe choice.

The Middle was one of those songs that never gets old, and it’s message is still a good message. I was swaying to the song as I was writing this section of the post.

I have to throw it a little farther back, because I have major R-e-s-p-e-c-t for Aretha Franklin.

Want to hear more throwbacks? You can listen to my full Throwback playlist here.

What are your favorite throwback tracks?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Shawna says:

    Aww man! I love Jimmy Eat World!


  2. So many great songs! I jam to some “Ballroom Blitz” every time I hear it. It’s so fun. Britney Spears. 90’s classic. I just love all of her oldies. And “The Middle” – holy throwback! Ah! I just love this.


  3. Jimmy Eat World was one of my favorites​, and I couldn’t get enough of Britney Spears in elementary school! Fun throwback 🙂


  4. Myrabev says:

    I love me some Aretha, always great music and never disappoints. Britney used to be fun but not so much any more for me. Cool playlist


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