Why Youtubers Should Stop Getting Book Deals

I am a fan of  YouTube and the people who create the wonderful content on their channels, but for the love of Google, can we stop giving them book deals?

Youtubers such as Hannah Hart, Connor Franta, Dan & Phil, and, most recently, Tyler Oakley have all been given book deals, with some already out for purchase. And every single time one of them announces it, I roll my eyes. Yes, these people have wonderful things to share with the world, which is why they have their channel. As a fan, I want to see them making great content on their channel, because that is their job and where they should share their stories. I honestly don’t want to read their books if I can watch the same stuff on their channels.

To be honest, these books, in my opinion, are about money for the publisher, since these Youtubers have huge fan bases that will flock to their nearest Barnes and Noble to buy their favorite vlogger’s book. That’s all I see and hear when the Tyler Oakleys and Hannah Harts announce their book deal. I don’t find it a necessary need, or even a real gain, for these internet icons to write a book. I want to watch your videos more.

That being said, I don’t include John Green in this because his books are not about himself or his own stories. He shares that on his channel and his books are wonderful YA fiction novels. He is not recreating his videos in a text format, and I appreciate that.

I am not against the Youtubers at all, I admire what they do as content creators and opinion leaders. But I want to see what they started doing and working to make that better, not reading the text version of what already exists because a publisher wanted to get money. Maybe let some other great people write new books instead, letting more people enrich our world with their story. That would ultimately make me happy.


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  1. I understand what you mean about there being no point attempting to recreate vlogs as books – after all, many of them have blogs for that. However, some stuff may work better in a book format – I haven’t read Tanya Burr’s, but I think it involves recipes which could be good for a book. A similar thing goes for Alfie Deyes’ Pointless Book, which I think is more of an interactive activity book? Have you read Zoella’s Girl Online? What do you think of vloggers writing fiction? I don’t watch John Green’s vlogs, but to me he’s different because him as an author and him as a vlogger seem to be entirely separate entities. This was a really interesting thought for a post! 🙂


  2. Samantha says:

    I think it depends on the genre. I’d rather read a book of makeup tutorials than watch a video. I think autobiographies can be interesting too, as can some guides-to-life. I only have a problem with books that are ghostwritten and passed off as the YouTuber’s, or joke guides-to-life that work better in a video.


  3. Areeba says:

    I was thinking the same! I love youtubers, especially TYLER! But literally errrryone is publishing their books and I don’t know what’s new, these people have their whole lives on internet. John Green ia an exception, for sure! He writes magic tbh.


  4. Crystal says:

    I figured the point of youtube was for people not to have to read, so I seriously doubt major youtube addicts have any interest in these books!


  5. I get what you’re saying but I don’t have an issue with it at all. It’s just another way for them to expand their reach. Some bloggers branch out into videos because they want to expand and reach a new audience so if a vlogger wants to expand into writing I’m all for it.


  6. Elena says:

    I didn’t even know this but it totally makes sense. Every where I turn right now, people are releasing books. Some topics are so narrow, I can’t even understand what would be in it!


  7. I can definitely see your point,but I’d say it depends what they’re writing about. I love to read books about their beginnings and their journey(way too long for a video,and I like the more in-depth reading experience better)


  8. Jaime says:

    I never even realized Youtubers were writing books. =) That is kind of odd that their book content is the exact same as what’s in their videos.


  9. I love YouTube, and I think it’s great that they’re writing books BUT I don’t like that they’re all of a sudden getting published right now. With all of these books coming out, it’s like they’re doing it for the money and because all of their other YouTube friends are doing it. Every time I see a YouTuber post a video with a “big announcement,” I kind of roll my eyes too because it’s just bam bam bam! Every YouTuber has a book now.

    I’m definitely with Courtney though. It really depends on what they’re writing about it. If it’s essentially a memoir, most of the books will be written versions of things they already talk about on their channel. I’m more interested in YouTubers like John Green and Zoella who are writing fiction instead of biographies or those that are sharing life tips and not just talking about their own lives. It also depends on the YouTuber too. I’m not really interested in Miranda Sings, Alfie Deyes, or Joe Suggs (I love Thatcher Joe; I just don’t like graphic novels), but I’m looking forward to Louise’s and Marcus Butler’s.


  10. edefreitas says:

    Wow–YouTubers getting published? (Aside from John Green). That is a strange phenomenon. If they’re going to do it well, assuming they’re trying to put their usual content into book form, they’ll have to change their style to make it work on page. I will admit I’m a little wary of this too. These people do a great job on camera but can they actually write well enough for their books to be worth reading? I doubt that every famous YouTuber can do it well. If they can though, I don’t see any harm in it.


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