Why I Dislike The 1 Book 2 Movie Trend

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Ever since Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, book splicing to make a two movie ending has become the popular trend for literary films in Hollywood. And I don’t like it.

First it was Harry Potter, than it was Breaking Dawn. Currently it’s Mockingjay and next is Allegiant. I get it that it makes these films even more money than if it was just a single movie, but that is really all they are going on for doing this at this point. Sure, Deathly Hallows is of decent length which, in order to get all the information in, they had to divide the film. But even then, it barely squeaked by.

With Twilight riding on the HP coattails, it makes Breaking Dawn into 2 movies. We all know it’s because Harry Potter did it and made more money. But it’s really not necessary at all. When they announced that Mockingjay would be split into two films, I got actually annoyed. The book itself is not very long and really doesn’t have enough content to justify two 2-hour movies. But they’re doing it anyway. With these films they have to exaggerate a climax in order to give a cliff hanger end to justify the split. And when I saw Mockingjay Part 1, I was sitting with many people who have not read the book and had no idea what just happened when it ended.


These movie splits are doing two things: disrespecting the veterans of the story and confusing the rookies. For those of us who have read these books and fallen in love with these characters, it is really frustrating to have to wait for the next film to come out a year later in order to finish the story, when it took less than a week to read the book itself. And for the rookies who are only watching the films (read the books!), they are left confused at what just happened, because they are learning what’s happening in that moment so they suffer from the over-climaxed cliff hangers, and thus have to wait a year for the finale. The book split is not doing any service to the fans, it’s only making the producers and others make more money.

And now Allegiant is on this bandwagon, and I’m pessimistic about it. Having read the book, I know how difficult it can be to follow at times since it switches between view points. We solely follow Tris for the first two movies, and now we’re going to have to change between her and Four constantly. I have a feeling it won’t turn out very well. It also doesn’t have that much to go off of, so the first part is going to be a lot of explaining and not much of anything else, meaning it’s going to be dull.

I am all for turning books into movies (as long as you read the book before seeing the movie), but I’m tired of stretching out the final book in a series into multiple films. The films already come out a couple of years after the books are published, so, as a fan, I’ve been waiting a long time, and would love if Hollywood would stop making me wait another year for full satisfaction.

What do you think about this trend? Leave a comment below!


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  1. Well said. I would have to agree.


  2. Stacey says:

    Yes! We just finished watching the Hobbit, part 3. I don’t even understand where most of the stuff from the third movie came from!


  3. claire says:

    Oh I agree, it really annoys me!!


  4. mcowder says:

    Agreed, movies should only be split if there’s enough content to justify the split OR if it will do the content better justice. Sometimes when movie makers try to cram too much information into one movie, it tends to suffer. If it’s solely to make more profit and the movie ends up dull and long winded, it’s irritating. If there’s a point to doing a split, I’m more than happy to pay more to see it as I’m more likely to enjoy it. Great post!

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  5. SO TRUE! I get annoyed at this trend, as well.


  6. Felecia says:

    I disagree with you completely. I understand where you are coming from, but I think slicing one book into two movies are to better tell the story. The Mocking Jay Part 1 was a smart place to end it. I think if it was one movie for Harry Potter or Mocking Jay, you’d miss out on a bit of the story to fit it in a reasonable movie length. As for Breaking Dawn and Allegiant, these movies probably could have been one movie instead of two. I understand not enjoying the wait, but I don’t mind two movies, but I have friends that do and won’t see a movie until all of the parts are out.


  7. Chelsie Carr says:

    I agree for the most part! I feel like Harry Potter is the only one that justified the two movie split, or else it would have to have been pushing 4 hours for me to feel satisfied with the whole story being adequately told. Everything else that has followed is ridiculous! The Breaking Dawn one is the worst, the first movie is SO dumb and plotless!


  8. Annoying. I agree. I don’t read book series until they’re finished because I hate waiting (and frankly, I lose the details that make the books so rich for me). Now I have to do the same thing with these movies, which means watching them at home.


  9. Kati Rose says:

    Well I do love in certain cases there being more detailed added, I think it takes a lot away from the books overall and just seems like a money hungry thing in Hollywood.


  10. Warsaurus says:

    I was all in favour of Harry Potter trailblazing this, being a lifelong Potter fan and with Deathly Hallows being like 800 pages and two distinct parts. But the others, no. Not worth the two film. Definitely greedy.


    1. I’m the same. Harry Potter was fine, but I will have to sit and watch both parts as if they are one. I can;t just watch one part and be satisfied


  11. Alex says:

    Totally agree. I actually don’t even really want to watch Mockingjay anymore because of this and now you are saying they are doing it with the Divergent series as well? Puke. Just no.


  12. I 100% supported splitting Harry Potter. There were really two separate-but-related plot points there and I was fine with two movies. Other than that, though? No.

    Although I DO think Suzanne Collins should have split Mockingjay into two books and really explored the political themes that were going on. But since she didn’t, the movie shouldn’t have either.


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