Why I Quit My Passion

Dictionary definition of the word passion.

Everyone says to follow your passions and do what you love, but what do you do when your passion starts to destroy you?

I had been doing my passion for 6 years before I quit. I was a leader in the activity, and performed at the highest level possible. I gave so much time and energy into it, which you can only really do when you love it. But when I went to college and became a leader there, the backlash by my “friends” became unbearable. They started to avoid me, make harsh remarks at my expense, and question my authority which was given by the instructors. It got to the point where I became a shut in, would never leave my apartment except for school, and became very upset and had incredibly low self-esteem.

When I spent my summer with an independent organization, who I openly call a family to me, I realized that I absolutely love performing and doing what I did. But I dreaded returning to my college organization, because it only fostered negativity and low self-worth. I was determined to make it through in some way, because it was my passion.

When I returned, the instructors made me make changes to how I lead the group, how I acted, and pretty much who I am in order to “protect me”. I didn’t understand how I was the victim of bullying and harassment, and yet I had to change. It got to the point where if someone asked how I was, I’d start crying. Finally, an incredible mentor of mine helped me and I went to the instructors saying if things didn’t change, I would leave the program.

As you can tell by the title of this post, I left the program and I haven’t participated in that activity since. I quit my passion. I made the decision that, no matter the fact I loved what I did, my own self worth and happiness was more important. I refuse to suffer and sacrifice to appease bullies and the selfish. No one should put up with people who will bring you down in order to do what they love. Find solutions, escape the evil, and be happy. It was the hardest decision I have had to make in my life thus far, and it took months to fully recover, and even to this day I don’t think I have fully recovered.

By quitting my passion, I have found who my true friends are, and although they are few, they are strong friendships. I have found new passions, particularly this very blog, and I have found happiness again. Honestly, happiness is the best feeling in the world, especially after a year of depression. Never sacrifice your own happiness for anything in the world.

With lots of love, Michelle Anneliese


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  1. It is amazing that your passion can turn into something so horrible. I am glad you are happier now. I quit something because I hated it, it became something I couldn’t work with because it was no longer my passion. It is difficult finding something with the perfect balance. I hope you can find that. Blogging is a huge part of that for me.

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    1. Thanks for reading and sharing. I really appreciate it


  2. startraci says:

    Life has thrown a different passion at me (my children) but I haven’t truly quit my passion. I hope to return to mine one day. I am glad that you are happier now. I’m sure that life holds many new passions for you and I wish you future happinesses in them.


  3. Crystal says:

    Teaching is my passion, but I don’t know if I could do it with common core and all of that going on now. luckily I get to teach every day with my own kids and write, which is my back up passion!


  4. Kelly says:

    I’m glad you’re happier now! It’s crazy how the people involved can make such a difference. . .I hope you can return to this passion someday, with a more positive group. That “do what you love” idea can be problematic – especially with jobs. Writing has always been my first passion, so naturally I thought about doing freelance writing. I got a gig, tried it for a day, and really got so depressed because I was absolutely not proud of my work (it was basically covering viral news stories) that I quit after a week. Writing is something I have to do on my own terms.


  5. I’ve had to do something similar because of my family members. One was my major in college. I couldn’t taken the constant harassment by my mother at such a young age. I finally switched so I wouldn’t have multiple daily phone calls from her telling me how ungrateful I was.


  6. Nikki @ Boba + Pearls says:

    It’s crazy how things can turn around like that.


  7. Ana Valentin says:

    I’m so sorry that negativity in what suppose to be a postiive outlet caused you to quit somethng you love, but perhaps with time and new people you can return to what you once loved so dearly. Never give up on a passion. Good luck, and much love!


  8. alyssa says:

    Passion is tricky. It can be beautiful and fuel your life or it can wear you down to nothing. It’s just a matter of taking your passion in the right doses with the right people by your side and the right heart/mind set.


  9. Andrea says:

    Sorry to hear you had such a terrible experience. I can identify with having your passion become something that torments you in the end. It’s tough.


  10. Sometimes, I think, we go through times like that to get where we really need to be – to look at the different “windows and doors” options that we wouldn’t look at otherwise. Letting go is often the hardest thing, yet the best thing to do – which is at such opposition to our culture right now. I’m so sorry what you had to go through – cheering you on to better things! Joining you at Tuesday at 10!


  11. denise says:

    bless you dear.


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