What The Great Gatsby Taught Me About Life

In honor of the 90th anniversary of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic, I share what one of my favorite books taught me about life.

Experience Life

Nick Carraway, who came to New York to make big money in the stock industry, never expected to do half of the things he did, whether it was a Gatsby party or a date with Jordan, he did many things in his short time in New York. It teaches to experience life, and maybe you’ll get a fascinating story from it all.

Believe in Something

Gatsby had an undying belief that he could be with Daisy, and although it did not end in his favor, he never gave up. That much determination is admirable, and I want to believe in something and love something as much as gatsby loves Daisy.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Gatsby tries hard to impress Daisy by flaunting his questionable wealth with extravagant parties, fine shirts, and an array of vehicles. His wealth, however, is not enough to keep her and his life is demolished because of his money and lies. It’s an obvious lesson that money will never buy you happiness.

Never Make Rash Decisions

Many of the characters make decisions without any thought, like Daisy driving home upset and Myrtle running in to the street. Making decisions without thinking is a dangerous act that can end in the most horrible of fashions, so it’s best to think before you act.

Someone is Always Watching You

TJ Eckleburg is always watching as the chaos unfolds in the Valley of Ashes, and symbolizes that we are always being watched. Whether you think it is God who is watching, or just people in general, know that your actions are being observed and can influence others.

The Past Can Trap You

We have to fight against our past lives in order to make it to our future, and when we endlessly focus on past feelings and opportunities, we have no future, as Gatsby learned the hard way.

What did The Great Gatsby teach you? Share in the comments!


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  1. There are many lessons in this book, what surprised me was that it is already 90 years old! Each time in my life that I have made a rash decision it has turned out badly. I still struggle with it and I now pray and wait. Both of those actions always help!


  2. I love the Great Gatsby too! I think it inspires me to be a little more brave, with how he completely reinvents himself

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  3. Great take on a fabulous classic. Love it!


  4. DT says:

    I love this post- those are all such great lessons.


  5. I just adore Gatsby. It took readin’ it a few times to really begin to understand the themes behind it.


  6. alesheadominique says:

    I love Gatsby. It took readin’ it a few times for me to really understand the themes and the book itself.


  7. loved the way the book is written and how unpredictable it is.


  8. I’ve always felt that it’s one of those books that too many people take for granted. They read it because they had to in school, but they never really READ it. Great post.


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