Why I Believe In Faith But Not Religion

Disclaimer: This is my opinion, I’m not stating this as fact. Please keep this in regard when reading and commenting


I believe in faith, but I don’t believe in religion, but what exactly does this mean?

Religion, to me, means being preached at, being told what to believe, to conform to the others in my religion, and to fight against things and people who “don’t belong”. Religion is forcing your children to believe in exactly what you believe, and to force your beliefs on to others. For me, religion is wrong. Religion spreads negativity at “unwelcome” ideologies, and thus at it’s people. Religion clouds people from their actual beliefs.

Now faith is different. Having faith is a more independent activity, and more personal in nature. Having faith is a choice only you can make. Faith is choosing to believe what you want without pressure from a patriarchal religious hierarchy. Faith knows no discrimination, because no one person’s faith is exactly alike.

I don’t know what or who is out there looking over us, or if there is anyone out there at all. But I don’t need a group to tell me that my beliefs are right or wrong. And, honestly, I’m going to put faith in myself before I put faith into a being I’ve never seen.

Sure, you are free to have your religion, but you are not free to discriminate against people for the sole reason that they are not like you. Yes, I’m looking at you Indiana, and every other state who is letting religion run it’s politics, thus outcasting people of differing ideas.  I have faith that there is good in all people, and that discrimination is a learned behavior. And I hope that good people will not stop fighting the injustices that religion is forcing on to people, whether religion means to or not. You can accept the existence of other ideologies without agreeing with them.

Have your religion all you want, but keep it to yourself.


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  1. chicagoja says:

    Great post. Religion means that you’ve stopped looking for God while faith is fluid. With faith, no matter what you might choose to believe, there’s no telling what else you’ll discover.


  2. astaudte says:

    I totally agree with you. I am the same way, no religion for me.


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