7 Misconceptions About College

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College is a symbol of change for many people and comes with a great deal of expectations for one’s experience there. But some of these expectations are also misconceptions about what actually happens in college. From movies to music to word of mouth, the expectations of college have been twisted and morphed into misconstrued pieces of falsehood. Although there are numerous misconceptions, I have only highlighted 7 of the most common ones.

Your Roommate Will Become Your New Best Friend

I have had two different roommates during my college experience ad neither of them are friends of mine. We all just tolerated each other. My first roommate and I were very different people and didn’t get along at all. My second roommate kept completely to herself and I to myself, so we just crossed paths and that’s about it. Yes, some roommates become best friends because they are usually the first person you meet at college, but it is not always the case.

You Will Never Change Majors

Studies have shown that students on average change their majors 2-3 times in their college career. If that’s not enough proof for you, here is some more. I have worked with hundreds of students and the majority of them either have no idea what they want their major to be or are very unsure with the major they’ve chosen. I myself changed my major. It’s ludicrous to think that 18 year olds know what they want to pursue for their career and future. They have barely stepped into adulthood, so of course they don’t know. Changing majors is a big decision, but know it is possible to make a switch.

Professors Don’t Care About You

My dad is a big fan of saying “Professors don’t care” when talking about college with me. Although this is true with some faculty, not all are careless about you as a student. It is hard for professors to get to know the 200 students they see in a week. However, I have met wonderful teachers who have been mentors to me during my college experience that I know that some professors do in fact care.

There Is A Party Every Night

Parties do happen. I can’t deny that fact; but the concept of constant parties is a little outlandish. People study, people watch Netflix, people have kickbacks, and people party. There are a variety of things to do on a Friday night, so don’t expect to party on every one (especially if you want a good GPA).

Your Major Determines Your Future Career

This brings me back to the idea that 18 year olds already have their whole future planned out. Just because you are an engineering major doesn’t mean you have to be (or will end up) an engineer. Having a college degree shows you are educated, you can learn, and have developed many skills (be thankful for all those general education requirements!). You won’t know what is going to happen after graduation on your first day at college.

Greek Life Is The Only Way To Make Friends

Greek life is indeed a good way to meet new people, and many people enjoy being a part of it. But it is definitely not the only way. My school has over 300 clubs and organizations that one can be a part of, so I definitely didn’t have to join a sorority to make friends (I chose Marching Band instead). Also, campuses will have free events for students where you can meet people. Also, going to class and making friends in your major is also and option. Joining a sorority or fraternity is not the only option for making friends, and if it is not right for you, than you have other options.

College Is The Best Four Years Of Your Life

I’ve heard this with high school too. The idea that your “best years” are only going to happen in the four years you’re in higher education is crazy on multiple levels. First, many people are in college for more than four years. Boom, that’s out. Second, college is hard and comes with many ups and downs. I have had really great experiences that have developed who I am while in college. I have also been through hell. I don’t want my best years to be in a short window, I want it to span my whole life. So don’t shut yourself into a box and expect magic and rainbows to happen for four years in college. Expect hard work, debt, heartbreak, stress and chaos in between the times or excitement, fun, new experiences and happiness.

What were the biggest misconceptions you had about college?


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  1. My roommates never became my best friends either, and I switched majors twice. I went in double-majoring in Psychology and Linguistics, and came out with an Honours English Degree.


  2. Breanna says:

    This is an awesome post – with so many truths! My roommates never became my best friends, and my professors were some of the most sincere, caring, and genuine people I’ve ever met! 🙂 Great post!


  3. I agree with you 100%! I’m pretty sure my roommates don’t even know I went home for spring break today! haha!
    And college is totally not the BEST 4 YEARS!


  4. lderringer says:

    None of my roommates became my best friends. I haven’t talked to any of them in years. The people I was closest with knew it was best that we never lived together and I couldn’t agree more. I changed my major 3 times and now am working in a field that has nothing to do with either of my degrees haha.


  5. Angie@chasingmyhalo says:

    I liked your last point about how there will be many good moments and years once you are out of college too. College was awesome, but it was also was horrible scholastically at times. Sometimes if we build up unrealistic expectations we are disappointed. Everybody has a different college experience. My best friend still is from college, but she lived down the hall ;).


  6. Yep.. I changed majors three times before the second year. Lucky I was just getting GE out of the way. I agree with your misconceptions.


  7. sailordale says:

    How many colleges actually have a “sex week” like this one?

    Just wondering if there is any truth to this article, or others like it. It has been 30 years since I was in college, so I am sure a lot has changed, but this much?



    1. I know Stanford holds a Sex Week, and has for a while. And other schools do smaller events for National Condom Week in February.


      1. UNCW does a healthy relationship week!


      2. sailordale says:

        Wow…Amazing, I guess. How do they find time to fit in a traditional education? Perhaps that is one reason that our colleges don’t turn out very well educated graduates nowadays, with all the sex events and sports and other “politically correct” type of classes. I know the high tech wants more H1B(?) visas for foreign workers now days. That makes me wonder how much education our college graduates are actually getting now, if the high tech industry can’t find skilled Americans to take the jobs…..Or is there other reasons why the American schools are turning out such poor quality graduates now? (I am NOT saying anything about you, I wish you the best at whatever you chose to pursue!)
        Just wondering…….Thanks for your reply!


  8. I have a scheduled post for Friday with a very similar title but interestingly enough, all of my misconceptions are different!

    Great points! I have been shocked by the attention received by my professors at a medium-sized state school. However, I can say freshman year has been the best year of my life; though that does not mean the following 3 will be as fabulous because it’s very likely they won’t.


    1. It can be a disservice to compare freshman year to your other years. I just take each one separately


  9. mcowder says:

    Interesting post, thanks for sharing!

    Another misconception is that it’s only for “younger” people. Now, I’m not an oldie by any means but a common misconception is that college is only for people under mid-twenties, fresh out of high school. After going back to school, several times since being out of high school, I’ve realized that there are a lot of people similar to myself in the fact that we work full time, juggle family life and other obligations, are just figuring out what we want to be when we “grow up” and are strapped for time as it is, yet trying to fit in school to better our current situations.


    1. That is very true. I have had many classes with older students. Tha ks for sharing!


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