Dress to Impress: Fandom Closet

fandom shirt

If fans could have a closet full of fandom attire, they probably would. There is no better way to flaunt your fandom than by wearing clothes with some sort of connection to the fandom. Here is the fandom closet essentials for varying activities you may experience in your life between Netflix marathons and re-reading the novels for the 6th time.

Day to Day

Run Like Dean Just Saw You Crash the Impala | HUMAN | T-Shirts, Tanks, Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Day to day is open for so many options, but nothing beats a comfy shirt or sweater with a reference to the fandom.

Night Out

The Catching Fire Capitol Couture Line at Net-a-Porter

This particular night out dress is from the Catching Fire Capital Couture line and is inspired by the honey comb pattern of the tributes outfits in the arena.

At The Gym

"Quidditch is my cardio" workout shirt. Pumpin' It Bookworm Style: Bookish Fitness Apparel - BOOK RIOT

Your fandom is great inspiration for your work out, especially if you motivate yourself with goals related to the fandom, such as Quidditch.

Lounging at Home

Marvel Comics Loki Lounge Pants - http://geekarmory.com/marvel-comics-loki-lounge-pants/

This is the outfit for those Netflix marathons.

For Guys and Gals

Harry Potter Avenge Dobby T-Shirt

Everyone can dress to impress the fandom! T-shirts are great for this and are so easy to find.

Victoria’s Real Secret

ALL 3 Unforgivable Curses Underwear - 3 Pack Special - Perfect Harry Potter Fan Gift Set - 15% off

Your fandom devotion can always be your little secret if you want.

For the Feet

* Iron Man helmet pained on the front of both shoes * On the back there is a stark logo on both shoes* The price is for the work only, the customer must provide the shoes

Shoes are a a great way to subtly share what you love. Many people will paint on Converse and Toms special designs related to fandoms, making it great for fandoms and unique styles.

Finishing Touches

Doctor Who TARDIS Slouch Backpack $54.99 (save $5.00)

Accessories add a simple touch to any outfit to help display your love when you can’t do so in clothing itself.

Want to see where you can get these cool items and more? Check out the Look Through My Lens Pinterest


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  1. Bee says:

    I like the Quidditch tank top. I cant believe there is such a thing as Harry Potter underwear?! (I kind of want them). ❤ Bee


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